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Saturday, laundry day...

Saturday, April 25, 2009 § 0

Today I wake up a lil bit late than usual. Two days in a row I woke up at 8, but today instead getting my butt out of bed at 8, I do it at 9... Never mind let it go. Maybe yesterday I ate too much. First breakfast at Ibu's then i went to the library, hoping Pijah already there. It turns out that she is still at her room. I can't enter library because I forgot to bring those damn thing (name card holder). So I spent my time at bistro, eat again. 2 hours later we went to Awet Muda to have lunch, whereas I spent I ran into Ezzah, Farah n one of their friend. 2 hours then, Pijah's sister came and we met. Out of sudden I was in their Vios n went to Tekun, because MQ Aqilah wanna take her jacket back from Pijah. Then we went to 7-E. before that Pijah gave me butterscotch bread, which I rarely see. After we arrive at 7-E, I determined to buy butterscotch but then they only have Chocó raisin. Okay, I take it. Huh. Then I went back to library and eat the bread together with Fatin and Pijah. Haha funny when I try to seludup the bread. Hehe. At 10 we went back to Tekun and here I ask Dila to have dinner with me. We ran into many people. First Acab and Kord, then A’a and her friends, then Natrah, and lastly Aizam, Megat, Farid and ‘Aizam. There’s two Aizam there. Then Poji joint us. Once again I spent RM8 only to have dinner.
Forget about yesterday. Today is important. Why is it important, I don’t know? Having plan with Ezzah to go to Pasar Malam maybe. Or because today is my laundry day and fact every time I do laundry, it will rain, or today I can meet that Mak Cik Yong Tau Foo again.. hahaha… after doing my laudry I go to café to have my breakfast and here I ran into Pijah and Fatin. We talk, we talk and we talk until 12. Hahaha.. that is a very waste of time. Then I went back to my room, hoping to study but instead doing exercise, I sleep.. YES. I slept. Haha.. what’s wrong with me. Then I wake up and craving for Chicken fried rice, so I bought it at Ibu’s… and while doing that, I ran into Khairy and Am.. hahaha.. Khairy my brother. Long time not see him. Nothing different. Still my little brother that always critise me. Hahaha.. suddenly I feel like Rachel Greene when meeting her Sister Amy Greene. If you know what I mean.
I think that’s all for now. Actually I wanna write about FRIENDS series or something about flirting, but then never mind. Next I’ll write about that. Hahaha.. bubbye.

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