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berQueensbay with Helen n Mark then ran into Matt n Tina

Saturday, August 29, 2009 § 0

Finally I decided to update my blog after a long time never visits it. At first I just wanna delete it, but then when I read my last post, personally I kinda missing to tell the newest things happen on me.

Bak kata Lis, baeklah. Haha..
We start with story during hols aritu.(I mix kan bahase ek, hopefully pakar2 bahasa x mad at me)..haha..

17th August - 23rd August 2009, USM mid sem break.

Monday, 17th August - I have plan with Poji, my junior. Den it turns out that she cancelled it and I really I wanna go out. Luckily earlier that day, aku tengah bereply comment kat Facebook with my bro, Mark. Out of sudden, I just invite him to join us. Yeah, he's flattered to join us. Then he asks me to invite Helen also. I didn't do so because Helen always dumping me when it comes hanging out. So I'm not so sure. Then Mark personally ask her out and what a surprise, she agreed. So the three of us go out laa, goin to Queensbay. At bus stop, we ran into Persis gang (Dith n the others). Then Matt msg me, she said she wanna watch G.I Joe with us, but we wanna watch District-9. So I made plan to go out again tomorrow with her (actually the plan already made earlier)..haha..

Sesamapai Qbay, we have our late lunch at Old Town. It's so delicious there till I wanna put that restaurant in my Favourite List Restaurant. Helen ate Nasi Lemak, me laksa n Mark as always order both, Nasi Lemak n curry mee (because he can't stand to eat hot and spicy cuisine-laksa). After having our meal, we go singgah in a few store fisrt. We masuk PDI n I thank God I can control myself. I saw this stylo jacket, but I couldn't afford it now. I dun wanna try it on, bcoz I dun wanna get attach, so I put it on Mark. My goodness, call me crazy bcoz he looks fantastic in that jacket. I wanna cry bcoz I can't afford it. I just can see that jacket looks great on Mark, and of course he wanna buy it. Please please please, Mark if you but that jacket can I borrow it sometime?..huhuhu..

Then we masuk plak Forever 21. Helen's store. hahaha.. Me and Mark looks like an idiot in there, bcoz nothing inside there fit us. haha..we just critise any ugly clothes there. haha.. After that we went straight to the Hall n buy popcorn n drink. Honestly, District-9 was a good movie but too many interview. On some level it annoyed me when they talkin too much. But overall, I like it.

After the movie finish, Mark whining said he have to go back. Ada meeting la apa la. But we try really hard to delay him. We bring him into SUB. Also one of my fav store kalau nak nmpk berbeza from 'confused kid' in USM. We just look around n my attention of course kat jacket2. but nothing in there can compare the jacket I saw earlier kat PDI. OMG, am I attached to that jacket already? 

Then around 7.30-ish, Mark balik guna cab. huh, nak kuar pun sibuk buat meeting lagi. Then me n Helen pusing2 Queensbay, where we ran into Matt and his Room mate, Tina. We pusin2 together and masuk several store (mostly women punya store, what can I say). Then rasa lapar, we have our diner kat secret Recipe. Gosh, it's been awhile since I last masuk Secret. Berabis la duit kat ctu. Then otw nak balik we decided to go karok at BJ.. Hahaha, Helen at first dun wanna karok last2 terkarok jugak...hehehe..after karok2, we lepak at Khaleel to minum2. after minum2 we chit chat chit chat until 2.30 pm... haha I like chichatting with them. lama da kot x bercerita ngn geng2 dari Sarawak, especially Helen. If i met Helen, mesti ada gossip yg ktorg akan bualkan..hahah..betol sik Helen?..haha..

Then, I anta Matt back to her hostel in Fajar, when Lane msg me saying she has something to share wif me. then we YM YM until 5..hahaha..topik perbualan terpaksa dirahsiakan..hahaha..but mostly it is about scandal and favourite topic..hehehe..finally i go to sleep at 5..

i think dat's for now..later I cter ape yg blaku the next day naaa...
Jumpak lagi naaa...hahaha

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