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Monday, August 31, 2009 § 0

Do u agree with the idea of One Night Stand (ONS)? Or would u rather to wait for the perfect guy/girl for u, then u will have sex, or once u met ur perfect BF/GF u'll wait for the right moment for both of u to have sex? Or traditionally (and the most decent and appropriate one) to wait until u get married to have sex.

Some ppl think, sex is just sex. They have sex tonight and never call back. Some think it's just for pleasure and having a ton of sexual partner and no strings attached. And some people think sex is important bcoz it can release negative energy trapped inside one body and having sex buddies (so he/she can have sex anytime anywhere he/she thinks might need it).

For me, talkin based on my experience, sex is not an easy as clicking ur finger. Click click click then u have it, the next thing u know, u humping another person. No. Sex can be very difficult in every way. The hardest part is the morning after. Is he/she gonna call me back? Is she/he in love with me or not? Or sometime u'll think, am I makin the right decision? Does he/she deserve my body? The worst part is when u stuck in this situation with ur friends (or bestfriend). U dunno how awkward it will be. It totally can jeopardise ur friendship, which I totally afraid. Sexual tension between u and him/her won't let u be in the same room anymore until u can manage to handle and get over it.

ONS or havin sex with ur friend is not a wise decision. Try to avoid it. Having a bunch of sexual partner is not healthy physically, mentally and spritually. Try to have sex with the one u think is "The One" not just some people u barely know for several weeks. Decently have sex only after u get married. Believe me, sex without wedding ring can be very regretful.

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