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Application Letter (LSP402 assigment)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 § 12

Khairul Syahmi Brahim

No. 67 Lot 3731 Taman Sri Wangi

Petra Jaya

93050 Kuching


29th September 2009

The Human Resource Manager


KB 508 86009 Kluang

Johor, Malaysia

Dear Sir/Madam,


I refer to your advertisement placed in your website homepage dated 20th September 2009 for the above position. As flattered as I am been chosen as intern at the company three months ago, now I feel it’s my time to commit as the team member. I’m ready to be part of Revertex family as a Paint Chemist and looking forward for some more advanced Research and Development Programme.

Allow me to introduce myself. I started fall in love with this field since my school day. After finishing my Matriculation study, I further my study in Bachelor of Applied Science in Science University of Malaysia, majoring in Industrial Chemistry. I’ve been introduced with various Industrial Processing through courses offered in my study programme (practically and theoretically).

In 2009, I’ve been given the opportunity to have my training in Revertex which I adore very much. My project was to produce the best Gloss Latex Paint based on Styrene Acrylic. During running the project, I was introduced with the latest research on the best binder to be used, the recent technology in polymerization and the best method to produce the best quality paint. Not just learn it theoretically; I also learn it practically under guidance from Senior Chemist in Revertex. I strongly believe the collaboration between me and the other Chemist will give a new atmosphere inside the Research and Development (R & D) laboratory.

What make me different from other applicants are my experience and my already built connection among co-workers. I’m able to finish my research in time and I’m totally ready to come up with something new. I’m not afraid to fail, but failure is not my prospect. My internship in the Company has been a very valuable experience for me to run my final year project. My supervisor had given me a very good review and willing to become my reference person. Hopefully I can continue to improve my achievement inside the Paint Chemist’s office that has my name on its door.

The attached resume of mine will provide you more information about my experience. I’ll be glad to attend an interview to furnish you with more details.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully



Tel: +6016 8734325


Enclosed: Resume, Academic Result, Refrences

p/s: wut do ya think? I think a lil bit ass kissing letter and i'm maybe talking too much bout myself. well, do comment bout this letter...

btw dis is my assignment, some of the information i just made it up, so dun believe 100% u read..hahah..

YZYZ, not so gossip boy, looking for other jobs...hahaha

Tuesday, over-priced Food Day

§ 0

yesterday, started my day at 9, goin to processing class. As always, I like this class coz I'm curious how actually they proces petroleum based product. Then I have my breakfast at Fajar Harapan. The food not that nice and the anchovies, too spicy. Goin back to the lab and start doin "stir-filter" again and again. Then having my lunch with Matt and the rest of her lab member.

Still after 3 hour the food still not nice. What's wrong with Fajar lately. During my freshman year, Fajar Harapan famous for their fried chicken, now it's only some regular cafe with ridiculously over-priced food. Let it go, dun wanna explain more.

Entering my lab again at 2 and I have to take off by 2.45 pm bcoz I have Psychology Class at 3pm. Then at 2.35 pm, I really have to use filter pump and that's the last thing I need to do except cleaning the apparatus before leaving the lab. But, one of this so called post graduate student somewhere from middle east there using that pump. It's not wrong to use that pump, but please, if u use it keep an eye on it. Somebody might want to use it also. U put your sample on it and leave it just like that. How am I suppose to know when you're gonna finish your job. Suddenly I ask Kala (my lab fella) to resume his work. Then at 2.55 pm, I be able to use that pump. I don't care. I have to use that pump, if not I'll be late for my class which I did. I took off from the lab at 3.10 pm and I'm totally late. Then my friend texting me saying that Dr. Affendy rearrange the student inside the hall. Gosh something that I hate if I late. So I chose to skip that class.

I go back to my room and start tidy up a lil bit. Then I continue with my English work, and I manage to finish 70% of the work. Good for me. At nite I have diner plan with Matt. Then we invited Jess together. We have our diner at Sg. 2 (stall beside travel agent office). Maybe today I have no luck with food, once again I've been served with not nice but ridiculously over-priced food. I won't recommend that place to any of my friends. Only bad review enough.

On our way back, we drop at KFC and I bought cheesy wedges. This some story, I asked for set C which consist of Regular Drink, 4 pcs chicken nuggets and regular cheesy wedges. Then the cashier almost mistakenly gimme fries. then I asked her "I believe Set C have cheesy wedges, not fries" then she look at the board menu for a minute and she said "haah kan"... After sending Matt back to her hostel, I took episode 23 of Gossip Girl, which she forgets to tranfer.

I went back to Tekun and preparing myself for SPeRM meeting. Approximately 1045, the meeting started. After the meeting finish, I ask permission from Pah n Nat to drove back BamBam. They gave me the permission, but I didn't perform well. Hahaha... Yeap, I need more practice... Then we went to McDonald's and I ordered Double Cheeseburger (Medium) and Strawberry Sundae. It's rare for me to order medium as I always order Large set. Then after the cashier fill in the drinks inside the cup I saw this ads. Order Large McValue meals n Sundae, free Coke limited Class... DAMN, if I saw that ads earlier I would go to the large meals as I always did. Shoot, I'm begging and begging but he said he can't help it. GOSH.... never mind, maybe the cup is not mine. Then we went back and I hit shower before spending my nite at Mark's place. That's so far wut had happened yesterday, yeah btw i forgot to tell this story...

On our way back from KFC (Me n Matt), we wanna cross the road. Traffic light for pedestrian is green already and supposely the traffic light for car and motorbike is Red. Then we cross the road and suddenly this old Indian motobikers riding his bike and shout at us "You Bodo arr!!!"... Hey STUPID Penang bikers, the light is Green for us to walk. YOU LA BODO. Then I shout in front of the USM Gate, "BODO PUNYA PENANG"... Sorry to say, but it's true some of the Penang people very rude. By Law, obviously I am right. By civilization I'm also rite, shout to innocent people and telling them they're stupid, very uncivilized. Sorry to other Penangite bcoz shouting BODO PUNYA PENANG, but that's something I have to release from inside. This is not my 1st time almost being hit at Sg. 2, one time this car (just so you know, KANCIL jek pon, repeat KANCIL jek pon) arrogantly driving while the traffic turn red and I'm in the middle on the road. Not just me on the road, there's lot of people. Know wut I do, I raise my middle finger to her and shout FUCK YOU, even she can't hear it, but that's something I need to do. FUCK all reckless driver. U shame other civilized Penang people.

think that's for today..
gotta back to my work...
my English assignment not finish yet

YZYZ not so gossip boy, becomes assignment boy..hahahah

Things Gotta Do Dis Week (28th Sept - 4th Oct)

Monday, September 28, 2009 § 0

I stick this list on my wall also. Just take a look. And if u wanna add some more checklist, u are most welcome.

28th Sept
  1. Repair my CV

29th Sept
  1. FYP Lab
  2. Job Ads + Letter of application
  3. SPeRM Meeting

30th Sept
  1. Finishing ZCA Tutorial
  2. FYP Lab
  3. Settle my JPA inquiries
  4. LSP work

1st Oct
  1. Study + Summarize KIT356

2nd Oct
  1. TEST KIT356
  2. Meeting Pn. Che Su
  3. Study ZCA
  4. REWARD TIME (wanna join me?)

3rd Oct
  1. Ice Cream Time
  2. Finish my Lab Report
  3. Watching Sparkling Indonesia

4th Oct
  1. "LIKE I CARE" day...

Really lookin forward for Sparkling Indonesia n I hope this week will be better than last week...
YZYZ, not so gossip boy tranforms to Planned Boy..hahaha...

A Great Way To Wrap Up My Eid Hols

§ 0

Honestly this year Eid Hols, is not that great. It's not entirely suck, but something is missing, something intense happens. Let's examine one by one:

  1. People keep askin me, bila balik and if I said I'm not goin back they start ask me why. Some thing need no explanation dude.
  2. Many of my Sabahan and Sarawakian friends who not goin back also, not present in the campus. Most of them off to Johore and too little stay in the campus wif me. I'm not blaming them as they goin to the great event, but I feel alone.
  3. I'm stuck wif my friend's hamster and I really have to take care of it. Even though I do enjoy it, but she become very naughty. She manage to escape from her cage and build her own nest.
  4. 2nd time goin out wif my friends (Happy Mart, Happy Hour, Happy Beach) turn to be very intense. Something is not right, even all of us do enjoy it, but the morning after is not that great. Something hold us back and each of us know the reason, including me.
  5. I'm stuck with report, assignment, job interview, test ETC
  6. Spending too much money. What a waste
  7. and some more thing that I think makin dis Hols not dat great.

Some how, I think I end it very well. Today full with plan and I would love to share all of it.

  1. Pillow talk n meggi goreng time wif my Bro at the morning
  2. Tesco + Ice Cream time with Matt (and we share some valuable info also)
  3. Bowling time at Penang Bowl with Fahmi. The best score is 124. I'm improving, and I strike like 3 or 4 times and most of the time spare.
  4. Diner time with Lane, Matt, Mark, Well n Tina at Khaleel. The waiter is fuckingly lumpy and stupid. Poor Matt n Tina. This is the 4th time the serve the wrong meggi goreng to Matt. She asked for MAGGI GORENG TOM YAM, not REGULAR MAGGI GORENG.. if u wanna work here, please learn our language. and Tina, she wait for her food almost 1 hour and finally she didn't get her telur dadar.
  5. Karok time with Pah, Akim, Ayu n Kak Ira. we sing like in concert start from 10pm until 1am...
  6. Sea gate time with them also...

Think I finish dis not so great hols wif something.

So, Eid Hols I pronounce u, "It's a wrap, so long."

YZYZ, not so gossip boy wanna be sarcastic boy...


Saturday, September 26, 2009 § 43


Fractional distillation is the separation of a mixture into its component parts, or fractions, such as in separating chemical compounds by their boiling point by heating them to a temperature at which several fractions of the compound will evaporate. It is a special type of distillation. Generally the component parts boil at less than 25 oC from each other under a pressure of one atmosphere (atm). If the difference in boiling points is greater than 25 oC, a simple distillation is used.

Distillation is the most common form of separation technology used in petroleum refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants and natural gas processing plants. In most cases, the distillation is operated at a continuous steady state. New feed is always being added to the distillation column and products are always being removed. Unless the process is disturbed due to changes in feed, heat, ambient temperature or condensing, the amount of feed being added and the amount of product being removed are normally equal. This is known as continuous, steady state fractional distillation.

Industrial distillation is typically performed in large, vertical cylindrical columns known as “distillation or fractionation towers” or “distillation columns” with diameters ranging from about 65 centimeters to 6 meters and heights ranging from about 6 meters to 60 meters or more. The distillation towers have liquid outlets at intervals up the column which allow for the withdrawal of different fractions or products having different boiling points or boiling ranges. The lightest products (those with the lowest boiling point) exit from the top of the columns and the heaviest products (those with the highest boiling point) exit from the bottom of the column.

For example, fractional distillation is used in oil refineries to separate crude oil into useful substances (or fractions) having different hydrocarbons of different boiling points. The crude oil fractions with higher boiling points:

1. Have more carbon atoms

2. Have higher molecular weights

3. Are darker in color

4. Are more viscous

5. Are more difficult to ignite and to burn

Large-scale industrial towers use reflux to achieve a more complete separation of products. Reflux refers to the portion of the condensed overhead liquid product from a distillation or fractionation tower that is returned to the upper part of the tower. Inside the tower, the reflux liquid flowing downwards provides the cooling needed to condense the vapors flowing upwards, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the distillation tower. The more reflux is provided for a given number of theoretical plates, the better the tower’s separation of lower boiling materials from higher boiling materials. Alternatively, the more reflux provided for a given desired separation, the fewer theoretical plates are required.

p/s: so far, this what have I written for my lab report.. hopefully can finish it by tomorrow..hahaha...

YZYZ, not so gossip boy become science boy..hahah

BSc: Bachelor in Sarcastic

§ 0

Dengar cter, USM considering to offer BSc, not Bachelor in Science but Bachelor in Sarcastic. This programme have 3 level: 100, 200 and 300. Student have to fulfill 320 units in exactly 3 years to graduate in this programme. School of Social Science have been given the opportunity to run this programme by next year.

According to the Programme Manager, Sarcastic Professor Lane Willies, graduate from this programme can pursue career in public and private companies and their job is to critize. Graduates can also venture into other fields or pursue MSc (Master in Sarcastic) or PhD degrees in the school.

Courses offer in this programme including:

  1. Introduction to Sarcastic
  2. Sarcastic Statistic
  3. Law of Sarcastic
  4. Behavioral Sarcastic
  5. Academic Sarcastic
  6. Sarcastic Industrial Training
  7. Final Year Project in Sarcastic
  8. ETC

Student interested in being sarcastic can apply for this programme and it guarantee a brighter future.

Inquiries contact Lane Willies (by clicking the link)

Tapi Bukan Aku - Kerispatih

Friday, September 25, 2009 § 0

Jangan lagi kau sesali keputusanku
Ku tak ingin kau semakin kan terluka
Tak ingin ku paksakan cinta ini
Meski tiada sanggup untuk kau terima

Aku memang manusia paling berdosa
Khianati rasa demi keinginan semu
Lebih baik jangan mencintaiku aku dan semua hatiku
Karena takkan pernah kau temui, cinta sejati

Berakhirlah sudah semua kisah ini
Dan jangan kau tangisi lagi
Sekalipun aku takkan pernah mencoba kembali padamu
Sejuta kata maaf terasa kan percuma
Sebab rasa ku tlah mati untuk menyadarinya

Semoga saja kan kau dapati
Hati yg tulus mencintaimu
Tapi bukan aku

p/s: tribute kat sarcastic Lane...tiba2 terminat lagu nih..

YZYZ, not so gossip boy...

Happy Day

§ 0

23 September 2009, me and my friends once again hanging out around Penang. Hoping we can enter Slippery Senoritas (SS) instead we 'pantai'ing. Nothing to write, let pic tell u everything. Here is our tentative dat evening:

1800 - Suppose the car arrived
1845 - Car arrived
1915 - BJ, pierce n Ice Cream
2000 - Diner (Idrus Ikan Bakar). We took the wrong turn at Tesco Hyper, so we have to take very far U Turn.
2145 - Relau = KAROK
2210 - Karok session start
0010 - Karok session finish
0040 - Pusin2 Town
0100 - Heading to Sandy Beach
0200 - Crapping start
0330 - Me n Lane start being single parent
0530 - Leaving Sandy Beach, got some drama with that fucking racist Indian/Mamak parking guard
0610 - Kapitan closed already, saw gadoh2 scene in front of Queensbay
0630 - Subaidah = Breakfast
0730 - Go to sleep...

the Pic:

rite after went out from USM front Gate (RST)

yeah..all of us, me back there

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not so karok fella, but yeah he loves it sometime. My duet bro

Well teach me to cover my ear so I can hear the note better. Hopefully I can sing better at karok after dis..hehehe

as my bro mention it, 'kejutan budaya'

which 1 do u like the most? (pls let it be the Nike one)

at upper Penang Road. SS just behind us..not so many ppl dat nite

rite after we arrived at Sandy Beach

Before they start crapping

our kunyah2 n gluk2...

he's like my lil bro that I never have. I do care bout him. Curse to ppl who manipulate n messing with him

Somebody is hiding something... Keep it a secret always..

Duyung or Penyu... hehehehe... I love sarcastic Matt...

Okieeyyy..for more, visit my FaceBook n click at my pic... click this link oso can
(Facebook ku direct to gambar ku yang memang decent)

See pic like dis in 3 more weeks, as we planning to do dis again during study week...
see ya..

YZYZ, not so gossip boy, but alert to any latest hot news..hehehehe

sambungan "hentikan alasanmu"...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 § 0

Ini merupakan sambungan daripada hentikan alasanmu. Post yang aku rasa cukup menarik untuk ditujukan kepada sesetengah pihak yang sengal. Contoh yang diberi hanya sebagai contoh. Ramdomly picked up. SO please please please dun sentap if the example given closely related to you.. Hehehe..Minta ampun sempena masih raya nih (asal raye mesti associate ngn minta maaf, ari lain pun boley la minta maaf korang).

Scene 1
A: Teman aku g salon jap.
B: Hmm, mak aku x bank in duit lagi
A: So? Yang nak trim aku, bkn ko..
B: Nanti aku terpengaruh ngn kaw, pastu aku tertrim sekali

Scene 2
A: Jum naek Banana Boat.
B: Aku x bawak baju lebih la
A: Xpe, aku bawak baju seluggage
B: Aku x biase la guna baju orang lain, kang jangkit lak kurap

Scene 3

A: Abang kaw kawen November ni, balik x?
B: Hmmm.. Ade lab la, banyak benda kne buat
A: Ko wat ape?
B: Analisis biji kopi
A: Biji kopi jek pon..
B: Aku kne wat, cane nak adsorb heavy metal ion dari kopi tu supaya ia x cemar environment, pastu
kne pastikan die x dye sungai kite kalau dilepaskan kat alam sekitar...

A: Wahhh..saintifiknye, baeklah, ko stay kat dlm lab dan pastikan environment kita x tercemar ngn biji

Scene 4
A: Jum karok malam ni
B: Ala, ade meeting, pastu ade lab report
A: Meeting abes kol brp?
B: 10 malam
A: kte gi la karok 1030 ke
B: X leh, YDP nak wat meeting lain lak kat Khaleel...

Ni merupakan antara alasan2 yang biasa kita dengar. Kalau da TAK NAK atau MALAS tu, cakap je la.. Kalau korang memang betol2 kawan yang memahami, x yah bagi alasan berguni. Mana tau kawan korang lagi benci dengar alasan berguni. Kalau korang kate x nak lagi jimat air liur, kawan korang pun x yah nak ajak korang lagi. Membazir kredit die jek..

Tambahan daripada hentikan alasanmu, sebab lain nape dorang bagi alasan ni adalah sebab demand.

Scene 5
A: Kite ade show minggu depan, jum la join
B: Hmmm, ade bayaran x?
A: Ade, tp ckit la..
B: Kalau show, bukan standard mak okieyy, mak join pertandingan peringkat International jek

Scene 6
A: Jum teman aku beli kasut petang ni..naik keta.
B: Jum, aku nak gak tgk kasut yang ko minat tu
<2 jam pastu>
A: X jadi naek keta tau, member aku nak balik daa
B: Naek ape la..
A: Bas Sudaahhhh...
B: ALamak boringnye naek bas, lagipun mlm ni aku nak gerak ke selatan da, barang x packing lagi
A: Ko packing la....
<5 jam pastu>
A: Jum kuar makan sebelum korang gerak,
B: Baru bgn tdo la, barang x packing lagi, tp nasib aku jenis packing cepat...

Scene 7
A: Jum kuar makan..
B: Katne?
A: Kedai baju kaler Chelsea sudaa...
B: Aku kenyang lagi la...
A: Pas g ctu, ktorang ingat nak belanja C makan kat Pizza
B: Yang belanja2 tu aku dpt la, tp pastikan kite g naek keta tau, kalau x, aku akan kenyang secara
tiba2.. Keta lak nak yang branded jek...

Gtu la, alasan manusia2 yang demand. Sakit ati gak kan. Kalau da x nak tu, ckp je la. Intention kate nak jaga ati kawan, tgk2 kwn lagi sakit ati tgk perangai korang mcm tu...

Tp x semestinya yang bagi alasan tu sebab nak melarikan diri. Ada gak yang bagi alasan yang betul2 seperti:

Scene 8
A: Jum g KL esok.
B: Ala, korang gtau last minit la, lusa aku da kne anta assignment. Kalau bagi early notis dpt gak aku
atur jadual aku

A: Okieyyy, xpe

Scene 9
A: Jum tgk Mid Nite malam ni
B: Alaa, x leh la..aku da janji ngn org laen dulu
A: Okiey xpe...

Kalau yg betol2 camni, jgn lak korang tuduh die bkn2. Ni mmg x dpt dielakkan. Tetapi kepada sesiapa yang menghadapi situasi mcm ni, tolong la reschedule balik, utk tunjukkan korang mmg care kwn korang

sambungan Scene 8
B: Nnt kalau korang g KL lagi, gtau awal2 ek, dpt aku organize ckit. AKu janji aku join korang nnt. Sori sgt2 tau aritu x leh g.
A: Okiey, bulan depan maybe ktorang g KL ag.
B: Okiey, aku try utk kosongkan tarikh tersebut

sambungan Scene 9
(lepas abis tgk mid nite, baru kuar hall)
B: Ehhh, jumpa korang lak kat cni, kenalkan ni la member aku yg ajak 5minit awal dari korang td
A: owwhhh, xpe.. Korang tgk ape? Ktorang tgk The Ugly Truth
B: Ktorang tgk G-Force. Nnt kite kuar arr tgk wayang same ek, sori la mlm ni x leh..
A: Xpe, next week kte kuar sesame keyy...
B: Setttt....

Kan baik kalau mcm tu, kite reschedule balik. Agaknya sampai cni lu kot... Kepada sesiapa yg membaca blog ini, n Scene2 yang dibagi tu kena tepat2 kat korang, minta ampun maaf key... Aku amik random jekk..Heheheheh..

Selamat Membagi Alasannnnnnn......


Gossip Boy

§ 0

Arini aku kemas bilik, yeah finally I did it, after promising myself for a very long time. Then I took Gossip Girl Series (Season 2) from Ms. Lane Willies.. I just watch it, bcoz Helen gimme some fashion advice and she said, watch Gossip Girl, then I can update my suit fashion. Before I'll always referring to Drake Bell (Tee and Jeans wise) and now it's time for me to move on for something more classy.

Drake Bell

Before watching the 1st episode, I think I like Ed Westwick outfit, but after watching the 1st episode, I still like his outfit, but he's too 'kontrol'. Helen said, he's villain and I'll like him later.

Today I went to Tesco with Helen and Well. Buang boring. We eat claypot and nasi ayam and start browsing junk food. Helen suggest me Iko, oatmeal cookies.

Hopefully dis cookies sedap la..

Then we pass freezer section and I saw Ice Cream. I bought 800ml King's Chocolate with Caramel..

Luckily I manage to finish it with the help from Well n Lane. Hahaha.. It's been a long time since I last eat almost 1 liter Ice Cream and dun ask me if I go to MajuJaya tomorrow becoz addicted with ice cream.

After went back from tesco, we lepak2 at padang kawad den change venue to Khaleel and having our supper. I order Naan Set but it's not nice. Nothing compare to Kapitan's Tandoori.

Then we go back (lil bit early than usual) and I continue watching Gossip Girl and I must admit Ed Westwick is among the well-dress male in TV. I like his suit and everything and I think I wanna wear like him in my coming function.. Hahaha..
(Tunggu mak daten amek aku jd gigolo dorang..hahaha)

Okiey, think I wanna go to sleep already. Hamster makin degil, can't wait for her tuan to comeback..malas da nak jaga..hahaha..

Bubbye..before that, tgk la beberapa keping gmbr Ed Westwick kat bwh ni..

Bile la aku nak ensem n smart cam die ni...

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