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BROing: Is It Weird and Awkward?

Monday, September 14, 2009 § 0

Is it possible if two dudes, become very close to each other and declare themself as BFF? BFF here means Best Friend Forever not BoyFriend Forever (defined by Matt). But i pefer to called it Besties.

This is a question raise by Miss Helen last nite. She said on some level, it's very weird and awkward if two guys, completely different in personality (but yeah both have penis) become very close and concern bout each other. But for me, it's possible. I do have some experiences with this kinda situation. Let's examine one by one.

Mohd. Zulkifli Osman
(Besties during 1st sem in Matrix)
Both of us have completely different characteristic and appearance. Me, born 175.1 cm and I guess he just about my shoulder. He played basketball, dikir barat, come from very rich family, the oldest child, having a serious relationship with his gf, very alim and I must say a lil bit skema even though he talks a lot.
Me: not playing any sport (but recently I played bowling and baseball), dunno squat about dikir barat, middle class family, 2nd youngest child, afraid of commitment, not so alim (but bcoz of him I always go to mosque during matrix era) and I hate skema people. But God planned us to be a best friend. I love hanging out with him until people labelled us always be together. I do cried the day he left Labuan bcoz i think I really lost my bro at dat time.

Ahmad Mustaqqim Ahmad Mustapha (hopefully I spell ur name rite..hahah)
Besties 1st year USM
You may see he's very clumsy, heartless, emotionless, whatsoever. But he's very wise. He totally can tell anything inside u. He's very generous. Lot of thing I wanna share bout him. In term of opinion, he's very mature at his age. But when it comes to himself, he has no idea wut to do. I always sensing he's makin the not so correct (but not totally wrong la) decision on himself. Actually both of us oso have lot of differences, but we still can be BFF. He knows everything bout me, including my sexual life. Too bad he's changing his course and leave me alone in Induk. But still he's among the best bro I ever had.

In comin Bro
Mark Jinmin
I'm not officially named him yet as my Besties, but i'm sensing we r gonna be. He always telling his probs to me and ask advice from me. Movie freak, he's always wanna watch movie together with me. We have nothing in common (I just realized that) but we have strong chemistry when together. I love spending time with him and now his room is my second room. I'm not yet open my vault to him and I just waitng for the right moment. Even though we are not spending much time together, but both of us know what we're doin all the day. Maybe I just have to spend more time with him, and I'll officially named him as my Besties oso.

That is several example of my Male Besties. We have nothing in common, but still we can sleep next to each other. Some series and film oso showing BFF in their plot, example:

   1. Friends - Joey and Chandler, Chandler and Ross (in college)
   2. How I Met Your Mother - Ted and Marshall
   3. I Love You Man - Paul Rudd and Jason Segel
   4. Scrubs - JD and that black Doctor
   5. Spongebob and Patrick

So for me, nothing is wrong if two Bro care bout each other and sometime sulking if one side not paying attention. Male Besties bond sometimes stronger than BF/GF bonds.

So, that's from me now... Happy BROing to all Bro out there...

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