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BSc: Bachelor in Sarcastic

Saturday, September 26, 2009 § 0

Dengar cter, USM considering to offer BSc, not Bachelor in Science but Bachelor in Sarcastic. This programme have 3 level: 100, 200 and 300. Student have to fulfill 320 units in exactly 3 years to graduate in this programme. School of Social Science have been given the opportunity to run this programme by next year.

According to the Programme Manager, Sarcastic Professor Lane Willies, graduate from this programme can pursue career in public and private companies and their job is to critize. Graduates can also venture into other fields or pursue MSc (Master in Sarcastic) or PhD degrees in the school.

Courses offer in this programme including:

  1. Introduction to Sarcastic
  2. Sarcastic Statistic
  3. Law of Sarcastic
  4. Behavioral Sarcastic
  5. Academic Sarcastic
  6. Sarcastic Industrial Training
  7. Final Year Project in Sarcastic
  8. ETC

Student interested in being sarcastic can apply for this programme and it guarantee a brighter future.

Inquiries contact Lane Willies (by clicking the link)

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