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From Test Psiko to 'Tick and Stripe' Wrapping My Foot

Sunday, September 13, 2009 Comments Off

12 September 2009 - Today I have my minor test (psychology). I'm totally pshyced about the test. Ya loorrr, psiko is among the paper yg dpt increase my CGPA. So cross finger (later dat day, I teach Matt the corret way to use cross finger..hehe). So nite before hari kejadian, I pi la study at Mark's place. He was sleepin bcoz he said he's unwell (get well soon bro). around 12-ish, Abang Azhar msg me, inviting me to go to karok with him and bunch of our others friend. So I xkan tolak if it come to karok2. Layan jeehhh... So we went karok n sahur n I went back to Mark's place around 3am. I continue my study and I just focus and some popular Issue like eating disorder etc. Tp kunun jek study, kol 4 lebih, I start on9 and as usual, screw u study. I donlod a bunch of song, including Kantoi; our theme song in SPeRM.. (tribute to Abang Azhar, Chick n Nat)

Around 6 - 7am, I on off on off go to sleep until I mandatoryly asked to sleep by Mark. Haha..then I woke up at 9 and start msg a bunch of people asking the venue of the exam hall. hahaha. It was at E41, library 2 der. Around 9.50 am, Ezzah fetch me up and send me to the Library, bcoz it was raining this morning (kalau tdo, sedap nih). Sampai2 library, I start looking for Matt. What make me berbulu dat mornin is, kata exam start at 10, but Instead start precisely, the exam start 1050am. Huh hampeh. Kalau aku tdo tadi n wake up kol 10am pun sempat lagi nak kejar test. So I did the test (I believe) less than half hour. Most of the question bout general knowledge and yes 100% from the lecture.

Then me n Matt went to Tesco bcoz I wanna buy some toiletries. Today I bought something new. I Bought new shower cream (Secret Garden). I got interested with the ingredients (tea). Then I pun balik la Tekun aroung 12pm like dat and bammmm napping (haha ganti tdo la tu).

2-ish I woke up and msg Lane bout our plan this evening. We went to BJ only bcoz Lane said she's dying to karok. I pick up 5 songs today:
  1. When You Tell Me That U Love Me (Diana Ross)
  2. Angel (Westlife)
  3. Ketulusan Hati (Anuar Zain)
  4. Jujur (Radja)
  5. Warkah Berlagu Pilu (Felix)

After that we pusin2 BJ and start browsing for some stuff. Me? I dun wanna get attach wif anything bcoz I da jarang shopping recently. Better utk bjaga2. But out of sudden an interesting event occur. Lane drag me and Matt to Nike store. I try browsing a pair of shoes that both of me and Mark suka waktu us pusin2 kat Gurney earlier. Then Lane shows me this simple shoe but very rare. Nike with tiny black blue stripes. I try it on (without thinking about the consequences). I look at the mirror and MY GOOGNESS. I get attached to that damn sneakers. The size, the pattern, the design just right wrapping my foot (I only wear it on one foot)... OMG, even after we goin out from that store, I still can feel the aura of that shoes.. Damn You Helen Albert Willy (hahahaha...)

Then after pusin2, we bought some bread from Bread Garden. and this is my first time I boka posa kat tepi jalan sambil tunggu bas.. Hahaha.. What a experience. Then we went to Nazri to have our heavy meal whereas the waiter being rude and forgetting my Tom Yam.. Whatever la..

9-ish, we lepak2 in front of MajuJaya and I bkenalan wif bedak sejuk..Hehe...Actually me and Matt just teman Lane, bcoz she's wating 10pm to watch Arsenal. We have to teman her bcoz there's a lot of foreigner surrounding her and she's fyi is a pretty woman. So for her safety we teman la a while b4 Uly come to watch the game together wif Lane. I balik Tekun and terus tdo without hitting shower (eeeiiiyyyy busuk) bcoz I feel very ting Tong. Then I woke up at 3-ish in the morning...

So far, that's wut happens yesterday. I nak emphasize test Psiko and my new crush (Nike Sneakers with stripe design..Huhuhuhu)

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