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Gossip Boy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 § 0

Arini aku kemas bilik, yeah finally I did it, after promising myself for a very long time. Then I took Gossip Girl Series (Season 2) from Ms. Lane Willies.. I just watch it, bcoz Helen gimme some fashion advice and she said, watch Gossip Girl, then I can update my suit fashion. Before I'll always referring to Drake Bell (Tee and Jeans wise) and now it's time for me to move on for something more classy.

Drake Bell

Before watching the 1st episode, I think I like Ed Westwick outfit, but after watching the 1st episode, I still like his outfit, but he's too 'kontrol'. Helen said, he's villain and I'll like him later.

Today I went to Tesco with Helen and Well. Buang boring. We eat claypot and nasi ayam and start browsing junk food. Helen suggest me Iko, oatmeal cookies.

Hopefully dis cookies sedap la..

Then we pass freezer section and I saw Ice Cream. I bought 800ml King's Chocolate with Caramel..

Luckily I manage to finish it with the help from Well n Lane. Hahaha.. It's been a long time since I last eat almost 1 liter Ice Cream and dun ask me if I go to MajuJaya tomorrow becoz addicted with ice cream.

After went back from tesco, we lepak2 at padang kawad den change venue to Khaleel and having our supper. I order Naan Set but it's not nice. Nothing compare to Kapitan's Tandoori.

Then we go back (lil bit early than usual) and I continue watching Gossip Girl and I must admit Ed Westwick is among the well-dress male in TV. I like his suit and everything and I think I wanna wear like him in my coming function.. Hahaha..
(Tunggu mak daten amek aku jd gigolo dorang..hahaha)

Okiey, think I wanna go to sleep already. Hamster makin degil, can't wait for her tuan to comeback..malas da nak jaga..hahaha..

Bubbye..before that, tgk la beberapa keping gmbr Ed Westwick kat bwh ni..

Bile la aku nak ensem n smart cam die ni...

What's this?

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