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A Great Way To Wrap Up My Eid Hols

Monday, September 28, 2009 § 0

Honestly this year Eid Hols, is not that great. It's not entirely suck, but something is missing, something intense happens. Let's examine one by one:

  1. People keep askin me, bila balik and if I said I'm not goin back they start ask me why. Some thing need no explanation dude.
  2. Many of my Sabahan and Sarawakian friends who not goin back also, not present in the campus. Most of them off to Johore and too little stay in the campus wif me. I'm not blaming them as they goin to the great event, but I feel alone.
  3. I'm stuck wif my friend's hamster and I really have to take care of it. Even though I do enjoy it, but she become very naughty. She manage to escape from her cage and build her own nest.
  4. 2nd time goin out wif my friends (Happy Mart, Happy Hour, Happy Beach) turn to be very intense. Something is not right, even all of us do enjoy it, but the morning after is not that great. Something hold us back and each of us know the reason, including me.
  5. I'm stuck with report, assignment, job interview, test ETC
  6. Spending too much money. What a waste
  7. and some more thing that I think makin dis Hols not dat great.

Some how, I think I end it very well. Today full with plan and I would love to share all of it.

  1. Pillow talk n meggi goreng time wif my Bro at the morning
  2. Tesco + Ice Cream time with Matt (and we share some valuable info also)
  3. Bowling time at Penang Bowl with Fahmi. The best score is 124. I'm improving, and I strike like 3 or 4 times and most of the time spare.
  4. Diner time with Lane, Matt, Mark, Well n Tina at Khaleel. The waiter is fuckingly lumpy and stupid. Poor Matt n Tina. This is the 4th time the serve the wrong meggi goreng to Matt. She asked for MAGGI GORENG TOM YAM, not REGULAR MAGGI GORENG.. if u wanna work here, please learn our language. and Tina, she wait for her food almost 1 hour and finally she didn't get her telur dadar.
  5. Karok time with Pah, Akim, Ayu n Kak Ira. we sing like in concert start from 10pm until 1am...
  6. Sea gate time with them also...

Think I finish dis not so great hols wif something.

So, Eid Hols I pronounce u, "It's a wrap, so long."

YZYZ, not so gossip boy wanna be sarcastic boy...

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