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Happy Day

Friday, September 25, 2009 § 0

23 September 2009, me and my friends once again hanging out around Penang. Hoping we can enter Slippery Senoritas (SS) instead we 'pantai'ing. Nothing to write, let pic tell u everything. Here is our tentative dat evening:

1800 - Suppose the car arrived
1845 - Car arrived
1915 - BJ, pierce n Ice Cream
2000 - Diner (Idrus Ikan Bakar). We took the wrong turn at Tesco Hyper, so we have to take very far U Turn.
2145 - Relau = KAROK
2210 - Karok session start
0010 - Karok session finish
0040 - Pusin2 Town
0100 - Heading to Sandy Beach
0200 - Crapping start
0330 - Me n Lane start being single parent
0530 - Leaving Sandy Beach, got some drama with that fucking racist Indian/Mamak parking guard
0610 - Kapitan closed already, saw gadoh2 scene in front of Queensbay
0630 - Subaidah = Breakfast
0730 - Go to sleep...

the Pic:

rite after went out from USM front Gate (RST)

yeah..all of us, me back there

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not so karok fella, but yeah he loves it sometime. My duet bro

Well teach me to cover my ear so I can hear the note better. Hopefully I can sing better at karok after dis..hehehe

as my bro mention it, 'kejutan budaya'

which 1 do u like the most? (pls let it be the Nike one)

at upper Penang Road. SS just behind us..not so many ppl dat nite

rite after we arrived at Sandy Beach

Before they start crapping

our kunyah2 n gluk2...

he's like my lil bro that I never have. I do care bout him. Curse to ppl who manipulate n messing with him

Somebody is hiding something... Keep it a secret always..

Duyung or Penyu... hehehehe... I love sarcastic Matt...

Okieeyyy..for more, visit my FaceBook n click at my pic... click this link oso can
(Facebook ku direct to gambar ku yang memang decent)

See pic like dis in 3 more weeks, as we planning to do dis again during study week...
see ya..

YZYZ, not so gossip boy, but alert to any latest hot news..hehehehe

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