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I jz dun understand. I read a mixed signal.

Friday, September 11, 2009 § 0

I dunno, apa yg dia nak.
Sometime aku baca macam ni, tp jd macam tu.
Tp bila aku baca macam tu, jd mcm ni...
Please dun send anymore mixed signal to me.
I just can't read u. I'm not a mind reader.
Though I like u a lot, and I'm pretty sure I send u the correct signal.
But please respond to me with a clear signal.
U're givin me a mixed signal, jz make me more confused.
I'm tired already reading these mixed signal.
None of my night not thinkin of u.
No one in this whole wide world wanted things working out more than me.
I hope u also have the same feeling.
But please send a clear signal.
So that I can make the right move.

I hope everything's gonna be alrite.
It's hard to have feelin for u...

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Please Click Me

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