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Eid Morning, Craving for PEPSI

Sunday, September 20, 2009 § 1

I woke up at 1130 on Eid morning. I read many texts in my inbox, wishing me Eid. I dun give a damn.. hahaha.. I didn't reply also. Lazy laaa...

The hamster once again manage to escape and having her training in FBI HeadQuarters. I go on9 and around 1430, Wan Filzah msg me, inviting me to celebrate Eid in her Tok Wan's house. I refuse bcoz i dun have proper clothes and fact that I'm lazy to celebrate Raya. So she drive to USM (her Tok Wan's house near our campus only) and give me Raya Meal. Kuih Raya, Ketupat, Chicken Curry, Egg Plant Curry, Rendang, Nasi Minyak (If i'm not mistaken, i just eat it), Kuih sepit and RM20.00 duit raya. woww..last year her Tok Wan gave me RM5.00, and this year they gimme more. I really thanks to Wan, bcoz every year (last year and this year) she gimme Raya Meal as i'm not goin back (dun ask me why, tired already to answer).

I just finish eat it and now, I wanna hit the shower and start tidy up my room. I purposely untidy my room, so that I have something to do during this weekend.. Haha.. But before that I need to buy Pepsi 1st. I think I'm addicted to it already. Gosh, Damn u PEPSI.

Think need to go now, and waiting for A'a to come home... Bubbye... Update later..

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