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Last Day Buka Puasa in Ramadhan dis Year

Sunday, September 20, 2009 § 0

last buka puasa in Ramadhan for this year.. Gonna miss this activity a lot. wait 11 more months to have this kinda atmosphere... Miss u Ramadhan...

So i choose nak buka puasa ngn Helen dis evening. We buka puasa at kopitiam Roti Bakar. It's been awhile since I last have my meal der. Then Well join us and all of us order set A (Curry Mee + TomYam Chicken Fried + Herbal Tea).. we chitchatting der until 2045 and we change our venue to Khaleel, because Helen wanna watch Arsenal.

At Khaleel I order Ais Kacang wif Blueberry (not Blackberry arr). Then at 2155 the match start. Along the game I order Naan Cheese and Beef Burger. This is my nite and I wanna eat a lot. After finish wif Arsenal, we continue wif Liverpool at 0000. Then around 0215 we go back.

After i reach at my place, I look into the Hamster cage and it's empty. I look around also can't find her. I wonder where she's hiding. I believe she's still inside my room. How come she manage to escape? I put her inside the cage, and I put the cage inside the box. She's so clever and manage to escape...

So everyone if u see that little creature, please contact me.. huhuhu...
Mark n Nat must be mad at me... huhuhu

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