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Tuesday, over-priced Food Day

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 § 0

yesterday, started my day at 9, goin to processing class. As always, I like this class coz I'm curious how actually they proces petroleum based product. Then I have my breakfast at Fajar Harapan. The food not that nice and the anchovies, too spicy. Goin back to the lab and start doin "stir-filter" again and again. Then having my lunch with Matt and the rest of her lab member.

Still after 3 hour the food still not nice. What's wrong with Fajar lately. During my freshman year, Fajar Harapan famous for their fried chicken, now it's only some regular cafe with ridiculously over-priced food. Let it go, dun wanna explain more.

Entering my lab again at 2 and I have to take off by 2.45 pm bcoz I have Psychology Class at 3pm. Then at 2.35 pm, I really have to use filter pump and that's the last thing I need to do except cleaning the apparatus before leaving the lab. But, one of this so called post graduate student somewhere from middle east there using that pump. It's not wrong to use that pump, but please, if u use it keep an eye on it. Somebody might want to use it also. U put your sample on it and leave it just like that. How am I suppose to know when you're gonna finish your job. Suddenly I ask Kala (my lab fella) to resume his work. Then at 2.55 pm, I be able to use that pump. I don't care. I have to use that pump, if not I'll be late for my class which I did. I took off from the lab at 3.10 pm and I'm totally late. Then my friend texting me saying that Dr. Affendy rearrange the student inside the hall. Gosh something that I hate if I late. So I chose to skip that class.

I go back to my room and start tidy up a lil bit. Then I continue with my English work, and I manage to finish 70% of the work. Good for me. At nite I have diner plan with Matt. Then we invited Jess together. We have our diner at Sg. 2 (stall beside travel agent office). Maybe today I have no luck with food, once again I've been served with not nice but ridiculously over-priced food. I won't recommend that place to any of my friends. Only bad review enough.

On our way back, we drop at KFC and I bought cheesy wedges. This some story, I asked for set C which consist of Regular Drink, 4 pcs chicken nuggets and regular cheesy wedges. Then the cashier almost mistakenly gimme fries. then I asked her "I believe Set C have cheesy wedges, not fries" then she look at the board menu for a minute and she said "haah kan"... After sending Matt back to her hostel, I took episode 23 of Gossip Girl, which she forgets to tranfer.

I went back to Tekun and preparing myself for SPeRM meeting. Approximately 1045, the meeting started. After the meeting finish, I ask permission from Pah n Nat to drove back BamBam. They gave me the permission, but I didn't perform well. Hahaha... Yeap, I need more practice... Then we went to McDonald's and I ordered Double Cheeseburger (Medium) and Strawberry Sundae. It's rare for me to order medium as I always order Large set. Then after the cashier fill in the drinks inside the cup I saw this ads. Order Large McValue meals n Sundae, free Coke limited Class... DAMN, if I saw that ads earlier I would go to the large meals as I always did. Shoot, I'm begging and begging but he said he can't help it. GOSH.... never mind, maybe the cup is not mine. Then we went back and I hit shower before spending my nite at Mark's place. That's so far wut had happened yesterday, yeah btw i forgot to tell this story...

On our way back from KFC (Me n Matt), we wanna cross the road. Traffic light for pedestrian is green already and supposely the traffic light for car and motorbike is Red. Then we cross the road and suddenly this old Indian motobikers riding his bike and shout at us "You Bodo arr!!!"... Hey STUPID Penang bikers, the light is Green for us to walk. YOU LA BODO. Then I shout in front of the USM Gate, "BODO PUNYA PENANG"... Sorry to say, but it's true some of the Penang people very rude. By Law, obviously I am right. By civilization I'm also rite, shout to innocent people and telling them they're stupid, very uncivilized. Sorry to other Penangite bcoz shouting BODO PUNYA PENANG, but that's something I have to release from inside. This is not my 1st time almost being hit at Sg. 2, one time this car (just so you know, KANCIL jek pon, repeat KANCIL jek pon) arrogantly driving while the traffic turn red and I'm in the middle on the road. Not just me on the road, there's lot of people. Know wut I do, I raise my middle finger to her and shout FUCK YOU, even she can't hear it, but that's something I need to do. FUCK all reckless driver. U shame other civilized Penang people.

think that's for today..
gotta back to my work...
my English assignment not finish yet

YZYZ not so gossip boy, becomes assignment boy..hahahah

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