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From Makan-makan at Awet Muda to BOTB

Friday, October 2, 2009 § 0

Is that the right mood for today?
Starting my day with 'uurrrggghhhhh, got TEST' mood and now, 'aarrrggghhhhh, got Battle of the band' mood. Dun wanna mention bout the test as I already talk about it. Suppose now I'm not here, in my room, but in Seoul Garden. Then I have to cancel it bcoz Pn. Che Su postpone my appointment to 4pm. Arrrrggghhhhhh... Ezzah said, never mind, we go other time. Then we change our plan to lunch at Awet Muda. Here's some story.

At Awet Muda, I took almost the same food as my friends. The price might be differ only RM1 or RM2 only. But what happens, I list down the price

Ezzah = RM5.50 ++
Farah = RM 3.30
Rose = RM 3.60 ++
ME???? = RM7.00

yess.... RM7.00..
nothing different my food with the other except i took fried chicken n they took meat. Ezzah took keli. Just because I am man and the person who charge our food is a man, he wanna charge me differently with my other female friends. This is so not fair. Some feminist say, they wanna have equal rights as male, but do they know on some aspect, male is not that always lucky. Let's examine one by one

  1. Women shoes is cheaper than male shoes
  2. Male better in practical and woman in writing, but to enter college or University, evaluation mainly on writing. Woman have more advantages
  3. You go shopping, it's hard to find a male store
  4. Divorced wife will have custody on their child
  5. During dating process, basically boyfriend will spend more money on their girlfriend
  6. Women being hit ton of time, men? If not gay, must be from very desperate old ladies
  7. Women can wear jeans, but can men wear skirts?
  8. Women matching with all colors, but men very choosy.
  9. Men basically is the giver in bed. How lucky women.
  10. Having a good job and pay is a must for men, for women it just an option.
  11. Because women is weak, men have to help them
  12. ETC....

so it's not fair to charge me with higher food price just because I don't have vagina inside my jeans.

After Jumaat Prayer, I went to ZCA tutorial. Me and my friends, Chiu Ping n Kala (what a 1Malaysia are we) spotting some question to be asked during the test. But unfortunately, they gave us a simple question but somehow, we still can't answer it. The funny thing is, the quiz consists of two parts. The answer for my 1st part is actually the answer for the second part.. Gosshhh... whatever. Like I care..

Now in my room getting ready to watch Battle Of The Bands.. hahaha...

YZYZ, gonna watch BOTB....hahah

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