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Last Week's Reward time NOT kickin last two week's reward time's ass

Monday, October 12, 2009 § 2

Maybe simply bcoz I'm not performing very well during my weekdays. Most of the time, I spent my weekdays with nap. Or maybe there's not so many occasion occur last week. IDK. But this is so far what happens during my Reward Time.

Friday, me, Nat, Hana n Pa'ah went to SPeRM office to pick up something then we went to KAMDAR to buy the kain for our banner. Then went back to our Hostel. Nothing much happens. Then at night, I'm confuse. Nothing to do. There's Light n Lantern festival at Padang Kawad, but I dun feel wanna go. So I just spent my time on my bed, watchin DVD. Then Matt text me and invite me for supper. Then I go out and about 20 mins after that Khairy join us. Seems like he has nothing to do also in his room. During that supper, we played this game and we named it KFC stand for Khaleel Fan Club. Maybe next time I'll post something about it. Haha.. U must try to play it, bcoz it's very interesting.

Later that nite, me spent my time lepaking with Khairy n Julia. This is my first time lepaking with her. And I already can feel the bonding. She is a very nice talker and listener. No wonder many people easily pleased if around her. Then we go back at 5am after talking2 and sharing2.

The next day (Saturday), I woke up a lil bit late (at 12++). Suppose I have work to do in SPeRM cubicle at 10 but I woke up late. Then I'm rushing to go to the cubicle and start to do our work, which is preparing the banner for the next event. Me, Nat, Hana, Pah n Abang Azhar was there painting the banner plus minus with watching Hindustan. Hehehe... So nice owh, Hindustan movie at dis era, bcoz the story is not totally about love and, less song. Kinda like it.

Then goin back, Pah let me drove BamBam back. And I can feel my driving skill is improving since last time. Practice makes perfect. Then at nite I went to the stadium to watch 1Siswa 1Malaysia performance together with Diana. Then we ran into Mark n Kecik and we sit together with them. After the 1st performance, we went back already as all of us have work to do except Diana. She stays with her friends.

Dat nite I'm having my dinner with Mark and we ran into Helen, Matt n Ailis. We sat together with 'em and this is my first eating Jco as Helen gave the doughnut to me and Mark. Very nice and Jco kicks Big Apple's ass. Then I spent my nite at Mark's place. I watched Angels n Demons, but I fell asleep half way of the movie. So sleepy dat nite.

Sunday, around 5pm, me goin out with Mr. X to watch some muvie, as I already promise him to accompany him release his bingung. We went to BJ 1st to buy some ear ring for him then straight away to Queenbay. We watched Sorority Rows and funny thing is, Mr. X is afraid to watch the killing scene. So sweet la u.. Hahahaha.. Then me n Mr. X goin back early as I have meetin at 10pm.

Then I went to the meetin but the meeting started a lil bit late. After the meetin I have some secret plan with somebody. Every week like dis owhh, must have a secret plan. Hehehehe..

So far, that's my Reward Time last week. A lil bit bosan actually. Suppose I go to Tambun with my friends, but I have no budget, so I pass. Next week I book Mark already to play bowling. Anybody wanna join us?

YZYZ, c u when i c u....


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