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Thursday: pembaziran masa

Friday, October 2, 2009 § 0

Yesterday not went so good. Surprised with sudden change in LSP job interview. Suppose I will have that interview next Wednesday but she won't be around, so we have to reschedule our slot. I don't wanna think too much and simply pick yesterday's slot which turn out very well (cross finger).

The biggest twisted for yesterday is, I already planned to revise KIT356 as I will have the test today which I did. So 1st place in the morning, I went to School of Languages, Literacies and Translation to submit my CV, application letter and job ads, then goin back to Tekun. I browse my PRIDE (Programme for Career Development if I'm not mistaken) file to read about the effective interview session. After finish studying it, I took a nap (wasting time) because I'm planning to stay up.

At 1 p.m, I'm having my lunch with Pah, Nat, Khairy n Abang Azhar at Saujana and once again I think on some level it's a waste of time. We hang out, talking and joking around. The most memorable one is "hey hey" joke.

Khairy: (singing) Ku berjalan, di bawah pohon asmara...
Syahmi: Ku berjalan, hey hey hey hey...
Khairy: Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...

bongok punye adik, ko gelakkan aku..
Then we told the joke to Abang Azhar, he laughed, we told to Pah n Nat, they laughed until they stop eating.

What's so funny about that? Khairy said bcoz I simply continue his song. ABang Azhar said bcoz "hey hey" come out from me sound funny, Pah n Nat said "it's just simply funny". Bongok punye member..hahahah...

Then we went to School to have our interview. Me and Hana, I think went very well except for Nat. Something happens, n I think it's not proper for me to tell it in my blog. Be strong girl!!!!!.....

Then we straight to LSP class and she critics my application letter. hahahah, she said to conversational. Hahaha, read my older post, u will know why. hahah..

After came back to my room, I start to kemas2 a lil bit and after that doin my reading on experiment 2 (another waste of time). After that I go to sleep, yess.. I slept, another mistake yesterday. I woke up around 1.30 in the morning and start to feel a lil bit dizzy. Around 2.30 am, I start to read KIT356 note a lil bit plus minus with facebooking. until 4.30 am, I surrender and went back to sleep, another waste of time.

I woke up at 7.15 am and prepare to go to School to have my test and I'm the last person to come. Then I just know, it's an open book test. Shooottttt, no wonder I don't have strong feeling to read the note. After finishing my test I wait until 1 hour to see Pn. Che Su as we have an appointment. She stood me up. Gosh, another waste of time. Then me and my lab partner decided to see her next Monday.

Now already in my room and start to think to study ZCA, as I will have my quiz this afternoon. Hopefully I'm not wasting my time. n hopefully that curse is over by now..


YZYZ, Quiz + Test Boy..hehehehe

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