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BROing is Just Like A Pill

Thursday, December 31, 2009 § 0

Usually aku xkan benarkan somebody terlalu rapat dengan aku. AKu takut kalau orang da terlalu rapat dengan aku. This sem aku membenarkan seseorang lagi rapat dengan aku. Out of nowhere aku n Mark jadi rapat. We're telling each other our story. Aku sangat takut keadaan itu, sebab once kita da tau tentang seseorang, we might get addicted.

Hanging out with him is good but it's like a pill. Seriously aku suka hanging out ngan Mark, tetapi bila too much, it will be just like a pill. Mark gimme strength to study, to do my work, but kalau da terlalu banyak Mark in my life, he'll poison me. True story. I'm BROing with lot of my male friends b4, but this one is diferent. With Mus, everything macam very easy. We dun need to know each other that much but still we're very close. Actually Mus tau segala2nya tentang aku okkeeeyyyyy...

I don't know. But one thing I know he's just like a pill to me. Have to take the right amount for me to function, but taking him too much it'll makin ill...

Somehow, he's worth to mention as one of my countdown story. I always praying for the best for him. Good Luck Bro.

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