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Christmas Carol With Eddy

Friday, December 4, 2009 § 0

Last nite went out with Edi to watch some muvie. The Christmas Carol to be exact. Charles Dicken's masterpiece. Quiet good also. I love most of the scene, the past, the present and the future. Jim Carrey really can talks in British accent. Some of the scene is very funny and Eddy always laugh beside me. Me as usual, maintain cool. Always sustain wif my mood. IDK. When it comes to muvie or comic, it's hard for me to laugh. But when I have a real conversation, laugh is one of my way to communicate. So far, love that muvie. The plot not so modern la, consider the script was written a long long time ago.

After finish that muvie, Eddy ask me to watch another round. Gosh, can't watch any muvie anymore last nite. I'm very tired and really need to rest. Tomorrow got lot of things to do. Then we singgah at Jco and bought a dozen of donuts (me and Eddy). The donuts was good and very soft. It's totally can kicks Big Apple's ass. But the store almost to close already, so they have minimal choices, but still very hard to choose one. Here some story at the Jco

Me: Do u know wut 'J' stand for at the Jco?
Eddy: Dunno
Me: I think maybe stand for Jakarta as this restaurant originally from Indonesia

(and then the Cashier Girl is smiling at us and doing the eye-flirting, and me, as usual, eye-flirt back)

(after choosing our donuts)

Me: Sir, what's 'J' stand for at the name of Jco?
Chef: Indonesia
Me: But Indonesia start with 'I' not 'J'
Chef: (and the chef is smiling at us and I believe also doing the eye-flirting. Mention here the Chef is a guy)

Until now I wonder, what's the letter 'J' stand for. Maybe it's true Jakarta or maybe Java or maybe Jaipong. Hehe.. But if the answer is Jaipong, it's must be very very extra funny.. Hahaha...

After waiting bus and a lil bit chitchatting wif Eddy, we decided to try the new Karaoke place near the Subaidah. Then we took bus and stop in front of Tesco. The new place is not really 'new'. It's like the reincarnation of Tanjung Karaoke. Everything inside there is still the same like the old days, even they still use the same song list. After selecting our song, when I wanna to pay, they said only VIP room is available. The normal room can't be used. WTF. Then we have to pay RM1.50 per song. No one coming to ur place, how come u said the rooms can't be used. If it's really broken, just close the whole place la. Easy right. I felt they just cheat me and Eddy. But nevermind, my mouth can be a moving ads for that hell hole. I went to karaoke place 4-5 times per week. Sahabat treats me really best and they even give me free songs and for sure I'll invite more of my friends to go there. But for that so call Karaoke place, please please please, that'll be the last time I bring my butt there. Good bye and I really hope u shut ur place again like the last time.

For those who want to Karok in Penang, I suggest Sahabat Karaoke at Relau...

Then went back to Restu, doing my laundry and go to sleep.

Thinks dat's it for now...

Any great news or new activities, I'll update again..

So bubbye for now...

Jumpak lagi when I jumpak u...



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