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Today aku cuti dari Lab

Friday, December 4, 2009 § 0

Today, I woke up a lil bit early, tapi angkat dari katil at 9.30am. IDK, why i feel so lazy today. So I plan nak skip lab for today. Nak cuti jap. So lepas mand,i siap-siap aku pun pegi la CC. Saja nak online sambil tunggu waktu sembahyang Jumaat. Dis afternoon nak pegi International Homestay

Today not just lazy, but I feel a lil bit numb and gloom. Dunno wut had happens inside. Suppose I can live my life to the fullest (or at least half of the fullest) today, but something is holding me back. What shud I do now. I dun wanna see anybody right now. I just wanna be with myself. I need to dig a lil bit deeper,to investigate wut really happens inside there. Hopefully I can find it and heals it as soon as possible.

Yeap, forget that whole damn thing. This afternoon, I'm off for International Homestay. The paticipants include post graduate students from China, Indonesia, everywhere la, include some under graduates student. I'm the second youngest participant I believe. The programs look interesting, as they'll bring us to see fire fly, visiting kampung industries, and playing some traditional games. I really hope it's a traditional games bcoz I really wanna learn how to play it. Forget already.. Haha...

now sgt2 lapar... maybe lunch kat Khaleel kot after this then waiting nak p Jumaat prayer..

Rasanya sampai cni lu, t kalau jumpak line internet, aku update lagi naaa...

Jumpak U when I jumpak U...hahah..




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