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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 § 0

Last nite, after finish with our very own SPeRM meeting and helping Akim with his Buddies project, we're goin out to have our supper. All of the Family member were there except Yat, Elfa, Paah and Ayu. It's been a long time since I last have this kinda gathering. They always have their own gathering but I'm not always present due to some reasons. No need to emphasize on that one.

The gathering was not as happy as always. Some of the Family members seems like having a huge problem which I don't know. I always with my attitude. I refuse to get involved in one's personal problems. Let them analyze themselves what had happens in their life. I'm that cold. I'm that ice. This is how I taught in life.

Losing my mum at the age of 15. Losing both my grandparents before and after my mum's funeral in half year. Financial, siblings rivalry, being weirdo and nerd in society, hated by the whole class, ugly, fat, rejected by so many peoples, unable to receive any honored for my excellencies, being in an unfair competition and blah blah blah... What else have not comin in my life except death.

Cut off from my family, living with only RM1 for more than 1 days or RM50 for more than 3 weeks, eat sugar for my diet (because have no money to buy food). Rejected by the society, kids makin fun of me, I was labeled to embarrass the family, scolded because having a good result in examination, livin alone in the house.

I'm not yet talkin about my health.

My point is, no matter how hard ur life is, no matter how great ur challenge is, there's always someone less fortunate than you. Feeling sad and down is good but don't let that feelings conquer you. Let it be the otherwise.

I'm that cold and I'm almost don't believe happiness exist in this world. But I always saved by positive thinking.

Actually aku da ting tong nih. Rasa cam malas da nak menaip. So to sum up, x payah la nak sedih lama2. Ada lagi orang yang lagi malang dari kita. Tu ahhh...

Sampai sini dulu la...

Actually fakta kes kat atas sekadar macam luahan perasaan. Ini bukan pertandingan siapa yang lagi malang dari siapa... Tu ahhh. Jangan salah anggap dah la... Hahaha...



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