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FYP Abstract

Saturday, March 13, 2010 § 0

Exhausted coffee ground usually thrown away by restaurant owner. However, recent research show that it can be a low cost and promising adsorbent for the removal of the copper (II) from wastewater. Blended coffee ground was treated with concentrated Hydrochloric Acid and Formaldehyde and was prepared using batch techniques. The parameters studied in this work in order to get the equilibrium adsorption level was the function of the solution pH, kinetic (contact time) and isotherm (the initial concentration of copper solution). The equilibrium adsorption capacity of exhausted coffee ground for copper was determined using Pseudo First and Second Order Model. The mechanisms of the adsorption also have been investigated using three kind of isotherm model which is Langmuir, Freundlich and D-R Isotherm Model. The purpose of using three kind of isotherm model is because we want to determined whether the adsorption mechanism following ion exchange process or internal diffusion. We also want to determine whether the system is a monolayer or multilayer and the homogeneity of the adsorbent. The result provide strong evidence to support the hypothesis of adsorption mechanism.

This is my abstract, not yet edited by my lecturer... Hope he's ok with this abstract, so that I can proceed with other part..



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