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When U Believe, Nothing Is Impossible

Saturday, March 13, 2010 § 0

When I was assigned to do my Final Year Project (FYP) under supervision from Dr. Oo Chuan Wei, I was very glad. He is a very young doctor and we (Me, Ilyas and Goh) is his second batch of FYP student. I promise to him to keep my work on time and trying my best not to delay anything.

Basically I divided my FYP into two parts. The first sem suppose to be the time for me to prepare my sample (which is in this case is adsorbent) while the other semester is time for me to study my sample. First two months of my final year was a good time. I keep on track. I do literature and start to prepare my adsorbent from raw materials (coffee bean). At this time I'm starting to miss my USM activities life, then I joint PIMPIN Siswa. PIMPIN didn't bother my schedule. I still can keep on track with my sample preparing process.

When it comes to Ramadhan, I can't do lab very much. I'm easily exhausted. Then during final exam period, I didn't go to the lab for a month. I really wanna score 3 pointer for my second last sem which can be true if ZCA101 is not count (sigh).

After exam, I start to prepare my samples again and in December, I can start to treat my sample with acid and formaldehyde. At the same time I have a lot of hols things to do. SPR Convention (which I perform badly) International student homestay (love the T-Shirt), Rukun Negara colloquium and so on and so forth. After comin back from the last Colloquium, I start doing 'kerja-kerja dasar' for Rukun Negara and 'kerja-kerja pelaksanaan' for SPR. I have three (excluded FYP) projects to run at a time. And I don't think any one of my team ever understand that.

When the new sem open, I start to busy with campus election. Now I have four bosses at a time. To name them:

  1. Dr. Oo (FYP Supervisor)
  2. Hana (SPR President)
  3. Mark (Rukun Negara President)
  4. Shafiq (MPP President)
I have to obey their order. This is my practice to listen to my boss' order. Multiple bosses to be exact. Once again, no one understand the hardness of having four different kinda boss. And each of them totally different from each other.

29th January 2010 - Campus Election Done
9 th February 2010 - Rebranding of Rukun Negara is Done
20 th February 2010 - Teater Monolog 6 Jam Tanpa Henti is Done
6th March 2010 - Forum is Done

and I have to submit my FYP abstract by 15th March. Do I have time to do my FYP study in only two weeks time? By hook or by crook, all of my lab work have to be settled by 12 March 2010, so that I will have the complete set of result to be evaluated.

5th March 2010, when I was scolded by my lecturer, I almost give up. It's impossible to compress 1 sem study in two weeks. I use all of my skill to not give up. I throw away my tired feelings. I throw away my sleep and the hardest one is, I throw away all of my friends. I'm having my lunch and dinner alone, so that I can be focused on my work. Never again the sense of impossible entering my mind. At first I wanna see Dean to extend my time for abstract, but I refuse to. I wanna challenge myself and I wanna show my lecturer, it's possible to do it.

I believe, all of my lab work can be finished by 12th March 2010 and yeah, I CAN...

I really wanna thanks to all of my Team...

  1. Dr. Oo Chuan Wei
  2. Ms. Sharon
  3. Ilyas
  4. Goh Chun Hee
I really glad to have them as my team member. Never they judge me because of my delayed work. I'm proud to have Ilyas, Goh and Ms. Sharon as my team member. They help me a lot to make this possible. And for most, thanks because not judging me. That help me a lot actually...

Now I wanna tidy up my result and start to plot graph...
Anything, nnt aku update balik..
C U..


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