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The Apprentice

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 § 0

Two days ago, I went for an interview. I SEED up ( as I wore SEED outfit that day , except my undies, shoes n socks). Ezzah fetch me that morning and sent me for my very own first interview in my life (in term of working). For the first time, I'm posting this crap and for the first time I'm announcing my competitors in that interview.

This is our pic, taken right after we leave the interview room. Some of them off to Khaleel already (together with Mr. Jaya and Ms. Shida)

Then we were having our brunch at Khaleel to ease our mood. Some of the comments during the interview

"Awak kena bersedia bekerja macam lembu, kerana memang itu realitinya. Awak sendiri dah rasakan dulu, cuma bezanya dulu awak adalah pengikut, nanti awak akan merasa pressure bekerja sebagai setiausaha pulak. Pressure itu datangnya dari pelbagai sumber" - Dr. Naza

"Awak kena tahan maki. Telinga kena kebal" - En. Eruwan

"Pertama, pakaian budak laki semua fail. Awak kena pakai white colored shirt atau sekurang-kurangnya light colored. No stripes. Kedua, resume jangan lebih dari dua muka surat. Ketiga, don't mix the language. If you want to speak in English, speak in fully English. Ketika interview awak seharusnya cuba untuk menonjolkan diri dan saya nampak semua candidates mampu untuk bercakap dan memberi pandangan dalam masa yang singkat." - En. Roslan

During the interview also, I got phone call from The Malaysia Book of Records, asking about our entry form the other day. Rite after I hung up, it was my turn to talk. What the F. That's explain why I mix my language (English and Malay). I have no mood to talk.

After having our bruch, some of us (Kishi, Ghaddafy, Kak Ika Maslika, Apol and Me) went to Queensbay and we watched Date Night. OMG. Dat muvie is super duper funny. Never I laughed that hard inside cinema hall and two thumbs up to that muvie and I really wanna have the download version... Anyone have?

The Poster

Mr. Foster: I wonder why out of thousand of your clients, you remembered this one
(Mrs. Foster knock the door)

The door open, then...

... and for the love of God, can you please wear clothe??!!!


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