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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 § 0

I just realize link to my blog in Aspirasi Corner blog has been transferred from Komuniti Bloggerrz USM to Cakna Minda. I'm totally surprise because my writing is just some casual writing telling about the things that I've done in my life. It's not something that heavy like the one in Shafiq's or Elfa's or Solihin's or Cik Wan's or whoever blogs. My content totally a crap.

But seeing it in one of the list (yeah I requested to) just make me realize that I've to balance my writing with something ilmiah also. Since I wrote bout chemistry before, maybe it's time for me to share lot of my experience in chemistry. That's the least that I can do.

However, glad to see my writing is being recognize in Aspirasi Corner...

Salam Aspirasi Untuk Mahasiswa Bersatu...


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