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Me'repeat' Paper

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 § 2

27th April 2010

2.15 pm

ZCA 101: Physic 1 (Mechanic)

Less than 12 hours, I'm gonna repeat the final examination for this paper. What's my preparation for this so called important event. Let's check

  1. Brunch with Diana even I didn't eat
  2. Trim my hair
  3. Watch movie (The Losers)
  4. Pizza Hut
  5. Napping
  6. Lepaking in Secretariat Room plus minus study and hooking up with my besties.
  7. Nasi Lemak Subaidah

Most of my time was wasted with something not related with my study. Today, all of us (Me, Khairy, Pah and Nat) decided to stay over at Secretariat Room, to revise and study. But I believe, 50% of our time was wasted with lepaking, YM, online, movie and sleep. But this is the moment that I'm gonna miss soon. Every year or every sem, I have my own way to study. And every one of them gimme memories that I can't forget.

Sem 1: Study alone inside my room

Sem 2: Study with Tekun's citrawarna's gang at cafe until morning (this is when I invented the phrase GOOD MORNITE)

Sem 3: Study in PERKASA's Cubicle and Plus Minus alone in my room (focusing in KOT 221)

Sem 4: Study with Pijah and TI students in Library

Sem 5: Study with my lil Bro, Mark Jinmin in his room

Sem 6: Khairy, Pah n Nat in secretariat room and everywhere they took us.

Every sem gimme very sweet memories. Tekun's dancer, I believe still study among them. I still ran into Pijah in library. Bro Mark for sure still inside his room studying with his neighbor. And now, I'm with my besties in Secretariat Room.

Best of luck my friends, everywhere you are. Love U...


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