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Three Years Crush

Thursday, April 15, 2010 § 2

Sepanjang hidup aku kat USM, aku admit yang aku memang terlalu banyak crush ngan orang. Dari seorang kepada seseorang. Kadang aku berusaha untuk dapatkan crush aku, kadang aku surrender macam tu je. Ada jugak aku lepaskan atas dasar kawan, dan paling menyedihkan, aku lepaskan sebab nothing could ever happens.

At the first place, I wanna reveal the name each one of them, but some people will accept it in a very different and particular way. Some might think, I am a loser, others might think I am a coward. But for the time being, it is safe for me to share some of the story and also can be called tragic history.

My first ever crush was happens when I was in 1st year. That girl is very sweet, cute, kind, adventurous and blah blah blah. But due to some circumstances, I let her go. I really like her, but I can't feel any chemistry between us.

Blah Blah Blah

Then I met this girl two years back. I really like her. She's hot, cute, active, fashionable, manja2, blah blah blah... I really want her, no matter what. I flirt with her, I dated her and even making commitment with her. She flirt me back, and one night I almost kiss her. The night that I planned to propose her, I wait and wait and wait. Then she lied to me. She said she's in her room, and she's too tired to go out. But I saw her walking with other guy heading to Khaleel. It's hard for me to mend the pieces of my broken heart. Since then I hate her. I tried to hate her, but I couldn't. Thanks goodness, now I get over her already, after a very tough crush.

Since then, it's hard for me to trust a girl. If they flirt with me, I'll flirt back. Even if I like them, doesn't mean I'll develop my feeling towards them. I'll wait until they are sure about their feeling. I want them to be certain about me.

Alritey, panggilan GOSSIP da tiba...

Rasanya takat ni la dulu ekh...

Banyak gi kot cerita tentang crush nih..

Later I cter okey...


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