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Too Much Drama, Too Much Secret

Sunday, May 30, 2010 § 0

This kinda feelings n drama n secret have been wandering around me. Some people might think that I'm stupid, some might think I'm disgrace. But the real think is, no one know inside me.

I'm afraid people might judge me the wrong way. It's take time for me to unleashed everything. The 'Adamaya' drama that all of u claim is inside ur fist, is just a gist. There's something else that I've hiding for a very long time. The 'Adamaya' thingy just the consequences that I glad to share. It's more complicated than u think n u could imagine.

The Drama, The Secret, it's just killing me. All of the opinion and advice that i receive from anyone around me, appreciate it very much, but somehow, it's only helping on the explicit, implicitly nothing of it could ever help me, even a bit.

I'm fighting with my own ways. Not much people know the inside, the other part of the story. I'm not blaming anyone, it's just me the one that not yet ready to unleashed stuffs inside my vault. And I'll never unleashed it. Never ever.

Let me handle all of my probs with my own way. The thing that u see outside is not necessarily same as the thing that happens inside. And I swear u don't wanna know what really happens. It's ok if people only stuck with the 'Adamaya' thingy. Even their judgement, opinion and advice only based on that situation, I appreciate it much. However, there are other part that I kept a secret.


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