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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 § 0

Me and my roomie just came back from visiting our friend at his new house. Then we have this very light discussion about what he's doing at the time. Our friend, Fizul to be exact found his prospect already. Now he's working with Prudential as Wealth Officer something. I didn't remember exactly what his post, but my point is, he found his prospect already. It's seem like that his life is figured already.

He own his very own car, he moved in to a new apartment, and has job secure with prudential. Having very supportive future in-laws, what else he wanted. Everything that a guy needs already under his control. He don't even care what his result looks like because his job nothing related to his major.

Different with me. I'm working already, but it's only a contract. I don't even have job secure yet, and my income is not that much. I live in USM hostel and go to work with my roomie. Only sometime I'll drive BamBam to office. I haven't decided yet, what kinda life I want to. I don't even have a right vision about my future. What job and what field I want to explore after I'm done with my contract. I haven't seen my prospect yet, and I know, my life gonna be tougher after this.

My father already letting me go, fully gimme my independence. Finally I manage to escape from my bird nest, but I just fond out that, it's tough and rough. I still need his help, but I'll manage to settle every problems and every of my needs by my own. This is something that he must be proud of. Somehow, I must come up with my plan about my future and my life. I must figure out, and it must be very tough to make decision for my life. If I fail at the very first step, it'll tag along in my life forever...


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