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Nomad Ongoing

Monday, June 21, 2010 § 0

Who knows, after we've been so comfy in CG for at least a month, a shocking event occurs. Up until now it remains a mystery as we don't know who's responsible for all of this mess. What I know, I’m blaming UDM, Universiti Darul Iman, Terengganu. Not only because of their lack of consideration, they also questioning the APEX status. However, it past already and congrates to CG’s team, their heroic action must be something to tell about.

After a rough nomad all of this time, with several peoples, now it’s time for my very own nomad experience with my new roomies/colleges, Solihin. Here are some of the pics that I snap earlier to prove all of theese messes are true. Haha...

We’re now livin in rumah kelamin [should I translate it to Genital House??] Hahah


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