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What Have I Done Tonight., (a year ago)..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 § 0

Yeah it's Merdeka Night and everyone seem like to be very patriotic. For me there's no point in showing how much u love ur country just by waving the flag while the others doing the same damn thing. If u did it just because the others did it, then u r not patriotic enuf. But well said at least u have the spirit (even though it only last for a couple of days)...

Well, Happy Merdeka Day to my followers. It's very typical and it's so not me to greet people like that. Actually what's bothering me so much this time is, I was asked this very tough question from Faiz. He asked, where to go to celebrate Merdeka. I really have no ideas as in my mind I'm only imagining club, loud music and fireworks. What have I done this same date a year ago? Where have I been? The memories totally empty. The only thing that come to my head is my New Year Celebration. None of my Merdeka celebration come to my head.

Then we arrived at Times Square Penang, and it turn to be verrrryyyyy bboooorrrriiiinnggggg... But at least I dun have to see all the "mamat rempit" fashion there. The audience mostly chinese and for sure the way they dress completely different with some regular confuse malay kid. But not the fashion attract us the most, but the celebration is important. Then we decided to watch the fireworks at bridge and it's not happening. Someone is chasing BamBam and they have to accelerate they car to flight away from that crazy van driver. Praise to God, there's nothing happens. But now we're at Seberang already. Then plan to go here and there.

At seberang, finally I get to meet this so called legendary guy in Faiz and Khairy's network. His name happens to appear everytime we have the conversation. So I got to meet him personally together with other members. Yeah, he's a very nice guy and he's very legendary among of his network. He has this very strong so called bee hive and all of this guys (including Faiz and Khairy) serve to their queen (here I'm using bee's metaphore and that's why I said queen).

But we have to get back early considering Chick and Pah have test this comin Wednesday and Thursday... This post have no pic as I didn't snap any. I just let our so called paparazzi to take the pic...

Owytey... That's for now... This time we're trying to recruit new members as Sherra's brother is joining us. Even though at first her sister won't let him, but we still wanna bring him.. Haha, Sherra totally protective towards her brother and I still can't see them as siblings. I will always imagining them as two separate entities... Even after that Char Koey Teow at Sungai Dua seberang... Hahaha..


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