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Friday, September 3, 2010 § 0

Never assume anything. Bcoz when u ASSUME, u only ASS U and ME. That's among the most hilarious phrase I ever heard in the sitcom "8 Simple Rules, to date my teenage daughter". That was what the father said. Then the daughter comes with never PRESUME bcoz it's only PRES U and ME. That was also one of the dumbest statement ever (as the daughter is one hot but dumb blonde).

Actually the phrase keep coming in my life. I wanna implement what they meant with the phrase and I'm trying to refuse any kinda assumption in my life. But we will never be success to flight away from any form of assumption. One of the nearest source of argument comes from assumption.

My point here is, what u see might not be the one happening in the inside. You may assume that I'm okay but the meat between my lungs might not be the same. Also when u see that I'm good in certain condition and when I thought everything is going to be normal again, then u start to find somebody else and on some level is ridiculously unrelated on both parties.

One behavior might have different connotations, and I'm always very bad at understanding it. Or maybe that I'm refuse myself to learn about it, as I know, it won't give any benefit to me.

This post actually referring to two different situation that occurs to me that bother me the most. It's not work related just some kinda lousy surroundings events (that BTW happens to be very commons to some people).

Don't bother yourself to understand it as I don't care if people bother to understand it either. As I mention earlier, it's just some kinda lousy situations and it'll become lousier and lousier every time u bother to decode it...

up until now...

Buh Bye...


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