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Walking Alone

Monday, September 6, 2010 § 0

Last two days were my first time ever breaking fast alone. Yeap. It's kinda tough for the first time then I get used to it. For three weeks, I'll always have plan for breaking fast until all of them going back for raya holidays, leaving me alone here, undecided whether wanna go back or not.

While watching How I Met Your Mother season 5, I'm eating my (gosh, forget already my meal past two days). Whatever.

My point here is, during my way goin to bazaar Ramadhan, I kept thinking, why it is so hard for me to go alone. It's something that I never did before? I did it plenty of time. Maybe I was sick of people keep asking this question "Sorang je ke"...

Yeah, I was asked that stupid question during my first week puasa. I'm not desperately wanna tell the world that I have a lot of friends and so blah blah blah. Then the other day, the same person ask me another question "Wah, arini jalan berdua, first time nampak, biasa ko sorang2 je". HOOO HEEEMMMM GHHHEEE....

Maybe that person doesn't know how I'm enjoying every single day of my puasa. Yeap, during the first time dat u saw me, seeing I'm walking alone doesn't indicating me buka puasa alone. I was running to my friend's car as I'm late already (ye la nyah, balik kerja kol 6 lebih). Then u ran into me at bazaar Ramadhan with my friends it was only a coincidence. Bukan standard I la nak mkn makanan Bazaar Ramadhan depan RST tu tiap2 hari. So if u see me walking around whether I have company or not, just being nice. Greet me in a polite way.

That incidents totally change my perception about walking alone. I told my roomies that, at some point, I wanna walk alone and I don't wanna be disturbed by others. But sometime also, I like walking with a bunch of members. Now I'm losing my alone skill due to that stupid incidents. It's like people have their own connotations about me. I don't wanna explain myself but something as a reminder. We're no longer in Secondary School, whereas we have to walk in a group to gain respect from other schoolers. If u still have that mindset, u won't be anywhere by your own power as u limiting ur power to the presence of ur colleagues which by the way can be weaker than you.

So, if u have a bunch of friends, don't be too proud of it. It won't last longer. Be sincere, love 'em and always help 'em as long as u could. Never leave them if they're in troubles. And one more thing, the thing that u see doesn't indicating what it is.

PLEASE DON'T BECOME SOME STUPID TYPICAL CLICHE MALAY BOY... (btw, I'm not totally Malay, as what u see)


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