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Moment I'm Gonna Miss Soon

Thursday, September 2, 2010 § 0

Tomorrow, half of them will be off to KL for their cuti raya already. Leaving me here with a bunch of people. Making today is maybe the last day for all of us to buka puasa together. Gonna miss this moment later. I wanna post this crap so later, maybe a month or two, I'll read it again and I'll remember how I'm enjoying myself at the end of Ramadhan.

Raya is just around the corner and everyone is psyched about it, but not me. I'm planning to go to KL or Thailand dis holiday season. Anyone wanna join me? Backpacking like a student should be (only if I have enough money during my student era)... Haha...

Forget about the plan, my point is, everyday I enjoy myself during Ramadhan and I got a chance to meet all this very 'bahan' people. Some of them got worried already, who are they gonna be friend with the next year... Me, Pah, Khairy won't be around next year. They start to feel worried. I always tell them this idiom "Patah tumbuh hilang berganti". Don't worry, I also feel the same when seeing most of the senior is leaving the clique but, look at me now. Did I ever feel lonely each time. If u are sincere enough to be friends with people, people will always wanna be friends with you. Accept them whenever they are in ease or in trouble. Never left them and always help 'em. Never betray and seek for forgiveness if u ever made mistakes.

Alritey, I will always know a clique will never last longer. I ready to lose each one of them and ready to be cast away. But they are my current close friends, so as long as they are with me, I'll always wanna be with them until the time come I have to leave them...

That's for now, cause I have meeting with SPR now.. Bye..


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