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Live In The Past

Friday, October 29, 2010 § 1

We should not live in the past for a very long time. It's true that sometime we have to look back at our past, but if you are looking back, then you'll be stuck in the past for a very long time. Past is past. We can't turn back time. No matter how glorious or ridiculous is your past, it's only a past. You are inventing or you are destroying something in the past, it's only a past.

Some people, or many people like to look back at their past more than they like to look for their current and future. Some time they start to look for their current condition as a past. Means, they didn't appreciate or enjoy or get through what they have until it became a past. It's a stupid kinda life.

Some people like much about their past until they bringing all of their fella to his or her past. No point you are showing your past to others, because every people have their own connotations about past.

We have to consider what we have now. What we have now is a hint of what we will have at the future. The future will come somehow and past will leave us further and further away. If you are together with your past then you'll be stuck at another dimensions which by the way will be far far away from your future.

My point here everyone, stop living and stuck at your past. No matter how beautiful or disaster it is, it's only a past. Past is past. Always bear in mind that you are at the current time and live it maximally and optimally. If you are not, then your past will be a disaster. If you do, then try to make another or even a better past.


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