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CRAYON: Worth To Watch

Thursday, November 18, 2010 § 2

I don't care if any of my followers will think that I'm lame because have gut to post this, but to the hell. This is my page, I have a full right to write any crap that I want.

Earlier this day, woke up a lil bit late, actually many late and it was AidilAdha. What kinda behavior I'm having today. As I said earlier, everything happens for a reason. There is a reason when I'm delaying my time today (saja nak bagi sedap ati an). Got movie invitations from workers colleague is something u should not refuse. In head we have nothing, but out of sudden, we saw this very cute poster

We bought the ticket and surprisingly we are the 5th, 6th and 7th person to purchase the ticket. It shocked us. Never I've been in that so empty hall (saying that we are inside Hall 1, the largest Hall in GSC Queensbay Penang). We entered the hall and it seems that the four earlier persons bought the ticket is not showing up. Only the three of us. What a gay. My fella said, this movie is like Yasmin Ahmad's but in a total different presentation.

The first 5 minutes, I was like watching student final project. It's like, what the eff they are doing. I can't believe myself watching this movie. No wonder there are no one inside the hall. But the moment when Adam and Rafaat enter the kampung, my perception totally change. Out of sudden I was sad because no one is watching this movie. I would say this movie is a good movie but not the great one. Let's examine one by one. Before that lemme give the synopsis first.

"Crayon is about two college students in Singapore (Adam and Rafaat) who sign up for volunteer project in Malaysia. They was sent to an orphanage managed by Mak Engku. A series of funny events happens during their charity works time until they found out that Mak Engku is struggling to protect the house from banks and greedy land developer. In order to help Mak Engku the two lads manage a charity concert for the kids and this chance was used by the culprit to act their evil plan. A tragic lost happens and this two roomates happens being in a fight until Rafaat found out the tragic truth." If you wanna know what is the ending, you gotta watch this movie. Better hurry because this movie won't be long in cinema due to lack of audiences.

This movie is a very good movie, but somehow the explicit meaning is presented just like that. We don't have to think deeply to understand the movie. It was presented lightly. It's like we are eating pizza, we can see clearly what is on the toppings. Maybe the target audiences are children. I like the scene when Adam entered the room and Rafaat is still praying. It was classic and it reminds me how my roomates in Labuan and also my Christian friends respect my prayer. There are time when I'm planning to go to the class with my friend and he was Christian. I wanna perform my prayer first and he need to go earlier. Then he inform me during my prayer but in a very low tones. It's like he's whispering to me. I was almost laughing at that time.

Then when the kids is performing, I think it's better if they compose a new song instead of singing that song. Once again maybe they think it's better to keep it simple, but for me it'll give a huge impact on me if they compose a new song.

The ending also not a boom. Maybe I'm comparing this movie with Talentime. I was crying watching Talentime and this movie is not that strong enough to make me cry. It touch me seeing Adam crying at the picture drawn by Afiq. Me myself would cry if I was in his shoes.

This movie brings a lot of message. From a very simple until the heavy one. But unlike Yasmin Ahmad that want us to think, Crayon prefer to be a simple one. Unity, honesty, integrity, name if you got it. It's also bring NO SMOKING campaign when Adam promise to Afiq never to smoke again. There are too many goods advice portrayed in the movie and it such a waste if we are NOT watching this movie.

Once again, this is not a GREAT MOVIE, but it's worth to watch. Not the effect, or the latest technologies bother us the most to watch this movie, but the big message inside it is the most important one. If you have time to make Adnan Sempit a box office why not CRAYON. People claims ADNAN SEMPIT is portraying Malaysian, but also CRAYON only in a more educated and good mannered way. Joke is all over the movie and I keep on laughing on the scene, especially when the balaci is sulking at each other. That was hilarious man. Haha..

CRAYON is a new hope for us to produce more MALAYSIAN-LIKE movies. Go watch it people. Grab it while you can.


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§ 2 Response to “CRAYON: Worth To Watch”

  • akuzle says:

    akak pon br lepas tgk citer neh... pandangan awk sbgai generasi mude neh mmg ader btuinyer... tp, akak sbgai generasi yg sedikit senior dr awk merasakan filem neh mmg hebat... sbb? malas ah nk pk... otak dh penat, nk msk plaks...ehehehhe... tp, byk point awk yg akak stuju sgt2... n mender yg buat akak paling sedey when knowing that citer neh nk di'stop'kan psl kureng penonton...huhuhuhuh

  • Syahmi says:

    hahaha.. thanks sebab bersetuju. Maybe sebab jalan cerita yang agak sedikit cliche dan terlalu drama. Sekiranya dorang sedikit berani dan sinis macam Yasmin, maybe cerita ni akan lebih mendapat sambutan. Target audience maybe adalah budak2 dan metaphor dalam cerita ni kadang terlalu straight forward. Ketidak hadiran pelakon wanita yang muda juga mungkin adalah faktor mengapa ia kurang mendapat sambutan. Anyhoo, cerita ni penuh dengan unsur nasihat yang baik.. dan masih banyak ruang untuk pembaikan..

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