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Bedah T.V Series: Super Junior Full House

Sunday, December 5, 2010 § 4

I'm gonna be in a very serious amount of gayness after posting this. Who cares. Who need to judge other orientation by their musical influence. Listening to Green Day (I'm also a fan BTW) doesn't indicating that you are 100% straight. I really have gut to post this post. I'm makin so much effort, hope my readers will like it. Haha.

I was introduced by the T.V Series, proudly names Super Junior Full House by Ms. Ira Suriati. At the time, I was hunting for Super Junior movie, which is Attack On The Pin Up Boys. I'm asking so many people to gimme the series. But no one have or if they do have, either their notebook cannot be switch on or their external hard dick is broken.

So, during my sabbatical (I would rather to call it that than JOBLESS, haha) I was having so much time watching the series online. The Series consist of 13 episodes and was aired for 30 minutes slot. IDK how they work it in Korea, but the length of the video is vary from 23min to 26min. IDK how they manage to compact it in 30min slot. Maybe they didn't include the commercial, since they are very rich already.

I don't have any interest to write about the synopsis or how great the boys look like in the series. Number 1, I hate Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk hairstyle. Seriously I hate it. Especially Sungmin. He's wasting his cuteness by having that crap on his head. What's on his mind trimming his hair like that? To look cool? IDK.. To look like some rock star? Hmm, not really. Thank goodness after The 3rd Album they, I mean all of them change their hairstyle.

Euugghh.. It's 2006 Sungmin, not 1983. U looks more like Madonna. With that outfit, eerrgghh, please consult a professional stylist.

Eunhyuk, with this so call furball lingering on his head, making him looks like a complete moron. He's the master/teacher in the series. But the gang, especially KangIn and Heechul always bullying him. Then with that shit, he even looks more pity than he already is. I like his Bonamana hairstyle though. That hairstyle makin him looks more cold and mean. Different with his soft characteristic.

Pfftt.. what's on ur mind. Even when I'm back then, I'll curse all of u because of this style. Back then I'll maybe call ur group as A-Confuse-Kids-Trying-To-Be-HipHop-Rockers.. shit..

Somehow I like Heechul and Siwon hairstyle. Somehow, this is a series where the two foreigners trying to learn Korean culture. They should not being too 'spiky' in term of their hair. Make it simple as these two member.

The Poodle incidents. This was very funny one. I adore Siwon hairstyle.

I think what make this series funny is both Heechul and Kangin. They are very hilarious. They are trying their best to create such situation and finally it'll turn to be very funny. There are a lot of examples. But I'm listing down some of it that's still fresh on my mind:

This one come from their Pajama Fashion Show.
Eunhyuk: I'm 3 years old
Heechul: I'm two years old, but my voice already this deep.
Eunhyuk: And I already have hair on my leg

Heechul is trying to make a prank to Hankyung. Then when Hankyung find out about the prank, Heechul out of sudden makin a new plan to prank Eunhyuk. That's very funny, how evil is Heechul mind to make fun of his friends.

When Heechul's birthday, Kangin comes up with a plan to prank Heechul. When he gets to excited it was kinda cute when he laugh at his plan.

When they went to the sauna, and Kangin try to compete with Kibum and he's trying his best to make Kibum quit. But he failed. Kangin is very competitive.

This a scene where he try to fool Heechul on his birthday. The interview, the fans, he was genius. But Heechul is more genius to smell something fishy on that awkward interview.

Actually there are a lot of them, but gosh, I can't remember every single details. Maybe it's because the whole 23-26 minutes is full with comedic scene, makin me forget the details.

I was very impressed with both Kibum and Hankyung actually. Kibum is very fluent in English as he stayed in US for a time but never he try to overshadowed his friend, (mostly non-English-spoken Korean). IDK behind the scene how he reacts, but there are scene when Siwon asking their English teacher, is there any other ways to express the sentence and the teacher comes up with a long and very difficult sentence, then Kangin shouted at Siwon, "Why are doing that, you are trying to be smart, even Kibum don't say anything". That's how terrified them to the English phrase.

Hankyung is the only Chinese member in the group. Before this I heard how SME become very racist towards him. He's always referring himself as foreigner too. He always question why the rest of the group didn't explainanyting they explain to Anya and Eva to him. Sometime Eva and Anya beat him in Korean culture. He's very innocent and very good in cooking. On the second episode he's preparing the famous Beijing Fried Rice to the group.

I like the idea when they involving Eunhyuk in the series and become master-know-all even though sometime the information given cannot be relied on. He also sometime don't know the squat what's he talking about. The good example when he try to explain the birthday celebration in Korea. He's acting like he know everything, but he's explaining all those symbolic in a very easy way, so that the foreigner (Eva, Anya and Hankyung) didn't ask too many question.

This one very funny. They just got out from the sauna.

As I said before, I still don't know, why Donghae cannot attract my attention. He was there but to me, either he's there or not, it's not a big problem. I know he has a very huge fan base but still he's nothing to me. People say that he's cute, hmm IDK. People said he has the 5th good vocal in the groups, oohh highly doubted. He's a good actor? eeuugghh, noooo. A good dancer? Yes. I only agree with that one. Sorry Donghae fans.

Sorry dude.

However, a round of applause should be give to Eva and Anya for their sportingness (this is a Malaysian-English word). They were amazed by the group and seems like having fun in the series. I wonder what are they becoming now. I bet they become prettier than before.

Eva and Anya

There are lot of things to be discussed about the series. This so called Bedah T.V Series is not an enough space. Well, u need to look for it in the internet. I hope people won't mistakenly thing I fall in love to them. I just adore them. The same things happen when I'm adoring F.R.I.E.N.D.S ..


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  • Anonymous says:

    I think you've got some serious problem.

  • Syahmi says:

    hahaha, thanks for that?
    May I know, what kinda problem that u r diagnosing on me?.. hahaha...

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