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Uhhh, Been Online-less

Saturday, January 29, 2011 § 0

Huh, tiba2 laptop aku entah apa sakit tak leh buka. So memandangkan aku memang tak apdet dah ngan Facebook nih, so tak pa lah. Tapi aku sakit ati bila tak leh akses kepada email dan blog aku. Huh. Banyak informasi aku tertinggal kalau tinggalkan email dan blog aku. Facebook just a chaos. Bosan keyh membaca luahan hati maknusia2 dalam tuh. Hampeh.

So sekarang aku mengonlinekan diri menggunakan laptop kawan aku. Owh, what's happening in my life recently, puuun cam malas nak mengheboh dalam blog. Gtuh, banyak benda dah berlaku dan bakal berlaku. As always, aku lebih tertarik nak menulis benda2 lara dalam nih.

Apa dia benda lara yang berlaku, hentah lah memandangkan aku pun jarang nak melarakan diri. Haaa, tapi biarlah post ini tanpa intention di kala aku rasa meningtong.



The Greatest Mak Cik Yong Tau Foo

Sunday, January 23, 2011 § 2

For those who really close with me, know a habit of me every time I go to pasar malam near Hamna there. The pasar malam held every Saturday evening and they have variety of stuff can be found. But out of hundreds, I only interested in one stall. From my first semester in USM until I graduated till I quit my job in USM, I will always go to to this stall. That's the only one, The Greatest Mak Cik Yong Tau Foo.

Before this, she's never smiling when serving her Yong Tau Foo, but last week, for the first time, I saw her smile. It's not that beautiful neither it sweet but it's very exciting. Imagining a person that you adore so much for the food she serves, but never once you see the smile. This can be a great experienced you never forgot. It's started when I say something silly like, "For the past four years, never I saw her smile or discount. Could it be this very particular day, either one of these things occurred?". Saying that line (of course in Malay) loudly while pointing your lips at her, apparently make her smile. Yeap. That incident occur last week.

This week, yeah this evening I went to pasar malam again. Unintended, as we have car to use. For sure I will stop at her stall to buy some of her Yong Tau Foo. Once again, she's smiling at me, only that none of the silly sentence pop out from my the most damaged organ (my mouth). Isn't it great, when people start to recognize you and smiling unintended because of your appearance. You don't have to be an angel to gain one simple smile, because I'm not coming with an angelic package. I don't know exactly what make her both end lips going up as I never see that gesture for the last 4 years, until last week.
I never see this one before. She's rolling the koey teow.
The variety of food you can choose to mix
This is on the other side. She's totally having too many selections.
This is the compulsory selection for me
She's picking up the hot stuff bare handed and immediately chopping it to pieces. She's must be having a thick hand. Her skills really amazed me from the moment I'm starting to crave her Yong Tau Foo.
WOW, isn't that just amazing? Let us support her stall. Long live The Greatest Mak Cik Yong Tau Foo
However, I will always supporting her Yong Tau Foo and everywhere I go, her Yong Tau Foo will always be associated with pasar malam Hamna. I has dragged to many people with that Yong Tau Foo, starting with Nana, Mek, Qabiey and Pak Cik era until the era of Cikgu Teyah and Chick. Too many people already involved. It's not the food that attract me the most, but the memories that mixed together just like the Yong Tau Foo itself.


Calmer Atmosphere

Saturday, January 22, 2011 § 0

Recently, I hate turning at my Facebook News Feed. There are too many depressing status, too many overwhelming comments and too much heart broken reading. Sometime the post doesn't intended for me, but just by reading it will influence my mood of the hour. Currently the wall of Facebook is a place for these kinda people to smash their rotten heart, so people will lick every piece of it.
I won't lick your wound. Lick it yourself. I believe other people won't lick it either, they'll only ignoring you. Believe me. You'll be more wounded. Consult your true friends rather than smashing it on their wall.
Before this, I love reading those kinda thing, but slowly, it darken my bright day. Then I decided to leave Facebook little by little until a time come I will delete my account. I believe those social network site mean for us to communicate in a new, modern and simple way. But just posting this kinda stuff is like you telling everyone u meet on the streets your misery, PARTICULARLY. You won't do that in real life, but you have gut to do that on Facebook. Isn't is very surprising?
Sharing is caring, but sharing something inappropriate is not caring. It's humiliating our self. It's true you have to share your problems, but Facebook is not invented for that yet. You still have to do the conservative way, which is meeting your friends or family personally. I'm blocking too many people, but sadly, this kinda "sharing-inappropriately virus" is highly contagious. I don't wanna get infected.
That's why I'm turning down my Facebook for a while and start using another way for networking through website. I'm creating my very own Tumblr account. There are not too many people into that web yet. After a few days with Tumblr, I found out that Tumblr is very handy. It's combining every Social Network web in one. They have News Feed dashboard, asking column as in Formspring, blogspot feature, reblog like in retweet, you can upload picture and video and so on and so forth. Plus, they have various theme to be tried on. And every theme is very unique.
It's very handy, try it people. But please please please don't mess it like you what you did on Facebook.
I deciding to name my Tumblr as "Hook Up with Syahmi (Repackage)", the same name as my blog. Nowadays, I'm starting to write more on my opinion in my blog then deciding to put my daily routine in my Tumblr. Less people will stalk me there. I wanna specialize Hook Up with Syahmi as opinion blog to increase my traffic. I will also start to write back in English to attract English-spoken country to visit me. Happen on one day, when my US visitor surpass my Malaysian Visitor. Isn't that exciting? So if you wanna stalk my daily routine, feel free to visit my Tumblr ya. But from time to time, if I have my specific opinion on my daily routine, I will also crap it in here. Haha.
I'm using this theme on Hook Up with Syahmi (Repackage).
Owytey, for those who wanna follow me on Tumblr, this is the link ... Follow me ya, I'm trying my best to update my day there. Hope it'll excite you. Owyte, bye..


Why I Like Super Junior

Friday, January 21, 2011 § 0

Recently, most of the people coming or visiting this blog will using Super Junior's Keyword, such as Siwon, Kyuhyun Accident, SuJu M, Yesung cute, Super Junior Neorago and so on and so forth. Most of them come outside from Malaysia. Unfortunately, most of that article was written in Malay language. Not the proper one, but using conversational Malay slang. Some of the reader may not be able to read it. As far as I concern only post regarding FULL HOUSE was written in fully English. However, I'm not that comfy to write anything in English in my blog recently. I've been not speaking or listening to the language for quite sometime. My English totally depend on that factor. If I'm seldom using it, suddenly my grammar become very worse, having smaller range of vocab and my sentence arrangement starting to sound very weird.

For this post, I'm trying my best to use English. Razzu, I know you'll read this. Please correct me if I'm wrong. You are one of the younger people that able to use English very very well especially in cursing and sarcasm. Hehe, joking. I'm still learning this language to the best.

There are lot of reasons why I like 'em which is Super Junior. At first, may I say that I'm not that into Korean thingy ever since Winter Sonata start to penetrate our TV or I don't even care whether Hyundai or Samsung is their product. I don't really give a damn. But this one is different. Lemme share some, why I like 'em.
Why I Like Super Junior.
Yeah, Why I Like Them? This is a question that may map various answer.

13 Seems Like Not So Unlucky
They are different from any typical Korean singer or idol. What make they're so special is, they consists of 13 members. Yeap, that's true, they are consists of 13 members. Even though they have various issue such as, 13elive in Them, Prom15e to Love Them, Prot3ct the Missing Members, and 10ve the Remaining Group, but they still continue to be a senior and super star not only in Korea but also in South-East and East Asia. "13elieve in Them" is term arise when SME announce the new Sub Unit which is Super Junior-M (later the next chapter) will debut in China. Despite all the issue, SuJu-M gains high popularity in China and makin their own history, as the first singing group that consists of Chinese and Korean members in China. "Prom15e to Love Them" is tribute to Zhoumi and Henry Lau, especially after Zhaomi been BOOed at his own country during Super Show 2 when he's replacing Hangeng's place. "Prot3ct the Missing Members" is chaos occurred after rumours Kibum will leave Super Junior to pursue his acting career, Hangeng with his contract termination and our beloved Kangin, enlisted himself in army after several controversies about him being wild and outta control. With the release of BONAMANA, "10ve the Remaining Groups" start to arise to give full support with the only 10 members left for the after Sorry Sorry victory.
10ve The Remaining Groups
13 is Not A Big Number Afterall
Many people claims (they are obviously not even a fan) that with so many members, some people might left out. But the fact is NO. No one will be left out. Super Junior is formed by combining the best in each fields in Korea entertainment industry. They have their singin unit, dancin unit, actin unit and MCing + DJing unit. This information might not be reliable, but I'm categorizing each member as follows. Singin: Yesung, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kangin. Dancing: Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae, Leeteuk, Hangeng, Sungmin. Acting: Kibum, Siwon, Heechul, Kangin. MC + DJ: Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Leeteuk. You won't be tired exploring each of them. For example, the main factor why Sorry Sorry become a huge success is, each one of the members playing their role brilliantly. Whose singin, concentrating on vocal and whose dancing focus on choreography. No one will overshadowed one. Even Eunhyuk have no significant part to sing, but he's always at the front line while performing. That's the beauty of Super Junior.
Super Junior Kiss The Radio or SUKIRA or KTR
Siwon as lead in Oh My Lady drama
Some Members is Meant To Be A Legend
I must say, some of them was born to be a legend. Who are they, I think Heechul, Kangin and Leeteuk will be a legend soon. I believe more on Heechul. He is one of the factor why people start to recognize Super Junior. He's so legendary until he can change the anti of him to be his fans. He's very honest in giving his opinion, something that be considered as taboo in Idol world in Korea. When he's receiving a compliment, he always agree with it while other idol will deny it. When been asked about a gossip, he won't save it only for him. He'll leak it to the media. Been rumored as gay, kissing his own SuJu brother, makin suicide statement, going out with many girls, posting his picture while wildly partying and so on and so forth. People might hate him, but eventually thanking him for his honesty in showing who is he himself. He's also the only idol that have courage to break many taboos. While many idol like to play safe, he comes with many charms, uniquely charms.

Not Enough with S  J, They Give us With More Letters
Yeah, they are the only insane group in this world bravely putting each members in different Sub-Unit. First with SUJU-K.R.Y, then they comes with SUJU-T, SUJU-M and SUJU-H refer to Kyuhun-Ryeowook-Yesung, Trot, Mandarin and Happy respectively. They tackle us with different kinda music produce by various concept. We will never-endingly explore their music. Not mentioning various of program whether they star in it or involve directly. After going with different Sub-Unit, surprisingly they made their world famous comeback with Sorry Sorry. After being apart for more than a year and a half, they manage to boom us with only one hit. This is what Super Junior is made of.
SuJu-Happy with Cooking Cooking EP, bringin bubblegum pop to a new level
Korean Entertainment Culture  
Unlike in other country like US or even in Malaysia, entertainers in Korea is very widely open with their life. Their aim is to be as close as possible to the fans. They posting what are they doing everyday, what kinda clothes they are wearing now and everything. They are using many medium such as Twitter, mini hompy or even when the fans see them on the streets, they willingly letting their photo being taken by the fans. They also have very special relation with their fans and acknowledging them appropriately. The fans will name themselves, in the case of Super Junior, their official fans name is E.L.F abbreviation from Ever-Lasting-Friends. This culture never exist consistently in Malaysia. During the fever of Akademia Fantasia long time ago, many obsess fans will gather among themselves to show support for their chosen student. But that never last long. Up until now I never heard any Siti Nurhaliza's fanclub officially, or even if they do, they didn't catch reporter's attention. Siti also seldomly mention them in any occasions. Different in Korea, especially for Super Junior, their fans playing a very very important role. They will mention E.L.F in most or can be said in each occasion. Whether when they win something, interview, concert or even in their Twitter or mini hompy. The existence of Super Junior is caused by never ending support from their fans whether an official one like E.L.F

Super Junior is Our Imaginary Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Agree or not, Super Junior is more loose compare to other idol. They have more freedom to express who they are. They are more enjoy to watch. If they've been invited in any programs, the MC won't be disappointed. They will entertain us and we may start to think they as our own best friends. We laugh at their action, we shed tears when story about Donghae's father pop out, we feel happy when Shindong reveal his upcoming marriage, starting to miss Kangin's big mouth or we start to wonder who will lead the boys after Leeteuk and Heechul enlisted in army. Slowly they become our imaginary best friend, or start to talk about them in real life like we have live a day with them. Before this, only F.R.I.E.N.D.S can drag me to their world but now, I have another world to enter. Both Central Perk and this boys gimme a huge impact in my imaginary world. I thought nothing can beat F.R.I.E.N.D.S but Super Junior did it. These two phenomena sit at the same place in my Syahmi in Imaginary Land. But don't get me wrong. I'm not crazy, but imagination is good for our mental health. A good imagination will lead to a proper lifestyle.
Now, you know why I like Super Junior. Next time I will tell you, the beauty of their dance choreography and their performance. I wanna start with Sorry Sorry. Fell free to follow me ya... Hope this addiction will lead to a good behavior. I hope someday the boys will read this post and I wanna thank them because entertaining my days when I've no one to rely on. Bye...


Ayam dan Merak Bermain di KOLAM

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 § 2

Gtuh, tajuk post. Ayam merujuk kepada Chick. Merak plak, merupakan motif seni dia. KOLAM adalah hasil seni yang dibuat menggunakan beras yang berwarna-warni. Macam yang aku bagitau lepas okeyh, KOLAM tu bukan macam pond okeyh. POND tu plak bukan PONDAN keyh. Over la aku membina perkataan. Haha. Tapi dalam post lepas, aku perasan, aku translate KOLAM sebagai 'lake'. Over, LAKE tu TASIK la ngok oiy. Haha. Over sangat,

Baeklah, aku nak buat siaran lintas langsung, macam mana Chick dan kawan dia iaitu Annu telah membuat KOLAM pada Sabtu lepas. Memang best okeyh tengok pertandingan tuh pada Pesta Ponggal. Semangat 1Malaysia sangat okeyh.

Kalau sesiapa yang nak tau, apa dia Pesta Ponggal, sila lah menGoogle sendiri. Malas la nak bercerita panjang lebar. Intention post pun sebab nak menunjukkan hasil seni member jah. Tak da bahan2 dalam nih, so feel safe. Hehe.

Peseerta pertama, Chick tengah mensketch KOLAM atas tile yang berukuran 3 x 3. Dia sketch slumber jah.

Peserta kedua iaitu Annu yang memberi pendapat terhadap pengsketchan Chick, sambil tolong prepare bahan2 suma.

Ni merupakan lakaran atas buku. Sangat cantik okeyh. Tapi aku lagi suka kalau dia buat yang GAJAH tuh. AKu tak snap lak lakaran GAJAH tuh. Hadoiy.

Langkah pertama, dorang boh kaler ijau kat ekor merak sebagai warna layer pertama

Pastuh, boh kaler oren plak. Aku memang sangat suka gabungan warna hijau dan oren. Boleh orgasm aku.

Untuk kemaskan bahagian ekor, dorang boh lak kaler kuning. Time nih dorang dah tergesa-gesa sebab kesuntukan masa

Siap bahagian ekor, dorang beralih plak ke bahagian body merak. Body dorang buat kaler merah dulu.

Then kemaskan guna kaler oren.

Final touch kat bahagian body adalah warna kuning. Pastu dorang dalam keadaan kelam kabut buat bahagian leher dan kepala guna dust kaler biru. Sangat susah okeyh guna dust compare beras.

Annu siapkan bahagian mata dan Chick siapkan background guna kaler pink. Waktu nih tinggal lagi 5 minit kowt masa pertandingan

Annu tolong kemas2kan bahagian yang tak berapa nak kemas, Chick lak buat kerawang2 kaler putih. Owh, aku tak leh tengok kerawang. Orgasm buat kali kedua.. Owh Owh.

Atas cadangan stage crew iaitu aku dan Mira, Chick telah membuat crown kat kepala merak tuh. Guna kaler kuning lagi.

Selepas tamat pertandingan. Muka tak puas hati sebenarnya. Dia masuk bukan nak menang, tapi sebab suka-suka dan nak buat kolam sahaja.
Dan inilah dia hasilnya. KOLAM ini telah dapat tempat ketiga. Hadiah yang dorang dapat, dorang bagi kat audience budak2 yang dtg ptg tuh. Menurut Annu, dorang tuh adalah anak-anak yatim. Nasib aku tak berebut nak hadiah tu jugak. Hehe.

Ramai yang datang petang tuh puji kolam nih, sebab warna dia sangat meletop. Tapi bagi aku, Chick, Mira dan juga seseorang yang telah di MMS oleh chick, kolam nih tak berapa kemas sebenarnya. Nampak sangat tak balance dan buat dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa. Tak detail, tak sharp dan sebagainya. Tapi pujian harus bagi gak sebenarnya sebab design yang Chick buat nih adalah yang paling susah antara semua. Nak siapkan bahagian ekor tuh sangat susah okeyh. Setengah jam jah dah terbazir kat sana. Design lain cantik jah, tapi tak sekompleks minah nih.

Apa2 pun aku enjoy petang tuh dan berasa seronok dengan suasana di Padang Kawad. Haha. Apa pun aku nak minta maaf kat Bazilah. Solihin dah cerita apa yang berlaku. Sorry naa, kami tak tau. Huhu.


Mimpi yang Sungguh Racist

Monday, January 17, 2011 § 0

Baeklah, bermulanya cerita, bila aku telah menghadirkan diri ke Pesta Ponggal anjuran Persatuan Kebudayaan India (PKI) USM. Member sengal aku iaitu Ashiqin AJ telah memasukkan diri dalam satu acara iaitu pertandingan membuat 'kolam'. Bukan kolam macam lake tu tau, ni adalah lukisan yang kita selalu nampak guna beras warna-warni tuh. Nanti aku akan hapdet tentang penyertaan beliau, intention perenggan nih adalah sebab aku nak bagitau, aku suka datang ke perta tersebut sebab very the 1Malaysia. Seronok tengok India, Melayu, Cina dan foreigner memberi support untuk acara nih. Walaupun sebenarnya perayaan ni adalah berasaskan agama, tapi tidak menghalang penganut agama lain untuk turut serta. Aku tak pasti apa hukumnya bagi penganut Islam, tapi yang pastinya kami tak buat la apa2 sahaja yang boleh menjurus kepada syirik. Nauzubillah.

Haruslah aku dan Mira menjadi stage crew yang sangat cemerlang untuk Chick dan Annu.

Ni Fam dan kawan dia, tak tau nama apa. Nice kan?

Team Chick dan Annu yang meletop. Ada markah tambahan tak sebab ada variety kaum.

Inilah dia Kolam uolsss. Meletop tak. Canti sangat okeyh.
Semua gambar nih aku amek dari FaceBook May Fam yang sangat mendokong gagasan 1Malaysia. Gtuh. Haha

Malam tersebut (atau sebenarnya pagi) aku telah bermimpi sesuatu yang mungkin agak racist. Oh no, aku sangat cuba untuk menjauhi perbuatan racist, tapi telah bermimpi plak perbuatan tersebut. Mari kita baca dengan penuh penghayatan. Haha.

Bermulanya cerita bila kononnya aku akan pergi vacation bersama kawan-kawan aku. Then sementara menunggu dorang nih pick up aku, aku tengah dok dalam satu kereta sambil snap snap gambar sana sini. Nampak benda pelik, terus snap gambar. Waktu dok dalam kereta tuh, tetiba kereta tu mati kat simpang. Aku tak sure kenapa, tapi yang aku ingat aku sorang jah yang dok lam keta tuh.

Then aku pun menunggu kat luar. Then tiba2 entah muncul dari mana ada satu family cina tengah menunggu kat tempat yang sama gak. Pastuh dorang ada sorang daughter yang kecik, maybe umur dalam 6, 7 tahun gtuh. Aku tengah cakap phone guna Xperia aku. Isi perbualan tanya mana semua orang sebab dah lewat sangat-sangat. Tiba2 budak kecik tu dok poke poke muka aku. Aku naek berang la, pi maki budak tuh. Then tiba2 ayah dia ka, abang dia ka, aku tak sure sapa. Tapi laki dalam lingkungan umur awal 30-an la. Dia marah aku, amek phone aku, dan baling gi seberang jalan. Aku apa lagi, pi la maki dia "Ko BODOH ke hape??!!". Pastuh berlaku scene gaduh gaduh. Aku pukul dia, dia pukul aku. Tak lama lepas babak gaduh2, member aku datang. Aku naek keta sambil bawak beg PIMPIN aku tuh.

Waktu nak bertolak, aku ingat lagi, jam dah menghampiri kol seploh. Flight ktorang lak kol 1020. Aku tak sure AM ka PM. Meletop, flight kol 1020, kol 10 baru member aku tu datang amek aku. Then tiba2 datang beberapa orang polis India. Bukan polis mai dari India, tapi polis Malaysia komposisi kaum India. Rupa-rupanya family tadi buat laporan tentang aku. Dorang kata aku tak respek dorang dan memaki dorang depan khalayak ramai. Tapi aku kata aku tak bersalah, dan family tu yang mulakan dulu. Polis tu bawak gari yang sangat lucu okeyh. Macam gari yang gantung-gantung gtuh. Aku pun tak leh nak gambarkan macam mana. Tapi sangat lawak okeyh. Then berlaku lagi kejadian pelik, sebab dorang tak gari aku, tapi dorang gari laki cina tu plak. Pelik. Mentang2 la aku hero lam mimpi tuh. Haha.

Then masa nak gi balai polis tuh, aku pesan kat member aku "Korang gi airport lu, nanti aku datang. Kalau sempat aku masuk, kalau tak, takpelah". Bila sampai kat balai polis, aku dok merungut2 kata aku ada flight nak kena kejar. Polis tuh kata, relex, sempat jah. Pala hotak dia. Aku siap kata, tiket aku berharga RM800++ kowt. Then lelaki cina tu pun memulakan hujah dia kata aku memalukan dia kat khalayak ramai. Aku balas balik kata aku tak bersalah. Paling diva bila aku kata aku dah rakam kejadian kat tempat aku tunggu member aku tadi menggunakan henpon aku. Nampak jelas kowt dia baling henpon aku time tuh. Nah, sekali betul aku tak bersalah, sebab family cina tu yang kacau aku dulu. Then aku dengan berlagaknya terus belah dari balai polis tuh dalam keadaan tergesa-gesa. Keluar2 jah dari balai polis, nampak suma member aku tengah tunggu aku. Dorang tak gi pun airport lagi. Dalam keadaan konon2 terharu tuh la aku terjaga dari mimpi aku.

Ada beberapa ulasan yang boleh aku buat menerusi mimpi yang boleh menyebabkan aku kena tahan ISA nih. Haha.
  1. Aku tengah dok tumpang bilik kawan2 aku. Maybe vacation tu adalah usaha aku untuk 'vacant'kan bilik member aku yang aku dah tompang tuh.
  2. Aku sekarang jadik gila nak snap gambar guna SeX1 aku dan mula la nak upload lam blog.
  3. Dua tiga ari nih, kalau janji ngan kawan2 aku, aku selalu terlewat. Janji kol 9.30am, datang kol 10am. Mimpi nih saja nak kutuk aku ka apa?
  4. Petang tuh, lepas pesta Ponggal, Chick drive keta Bazilah dan selalu mati enjin. Aku jadi cuak walaupun bukan aku yang drive. Maybe tu adalah signifikan kereta mati enjin tu kowt
  5. Aku memang tak suka budak2 okeyh. Sangat anti. Yaiyyyy...
  6. Aku kalau mengamuk memang leh tahan jugak. Memang kuat maki. Tapi aku baek.
  7. Tak baek maki orang nih, lebih-lebih lagi depan public. Mimpi nih ajar aku supaya tak memaki depan orang terutama kat mana2 kedai makan yang choiy.
  8. Gari yang pelik tu adalah simbol perangai haram jadah ktorang suka membahan orang laen.
  9. Pesanan aku buat member aku yang suruh dorang gi airport dulu tu plak, maybe keinginan aku yang kuat mahu menonton wayang. Rilek jah suruh member gi dulu. Haha. Nak naek kapal terbang kowt.
  10.  Kejadian aku rakam bukti tu plak, maybe simbolik kepada Gossip Girl. Gila segala benda nak snap n rakam guna henpon. Nasib la kalau enpon yang bermutu tinggi kan. Haha.
  11. Ending mimpi aku tuh, walaupun kadang kawan2 aku terbuat perkara choiy terhadap aku, tapi dorang tak pernah tinggalkan aku. Sama macam keadaan sekarang la. Shit things happen to me, tapi dorang still clinging to me. Tak da la rasa aku nih macam pathetic loser yang harus dihentam sehabes mungkin. Dorang pun tak buat kemaih nak kununnya brainwash aku. Fact dorang masih bersama aku ketika aku dibuang oleh hampir separuh manusia dalam idup aku membuangkan aku rasa syukur sangat.

No Intention

Friday, January 14, 2011 § 0

It's been awhile since I'm posting anything that's written fully in English. If I'm not mistaken it was the Super Junior Full House post that was having English as its main language. Well, I'm not that proud with my ability to write, speak or even listen in English. I have a lot more to improve. My English is not that good, it just mediocre. Nothing to be proud of. Sometime I'm wonder why so many people getting very arrogant with their broken English. Well, maybe they was raised in English spoken family. Starting to remember this one incident between this young lady (happen to be raised in English spoken family, as she's claimed) and my English lecturer in my matrix. Haha.

Up until this paragraph, I also have no intention of this post. Seriously, if you are reading this, frankly I have no point. But you can keep on reading. It's not a matter. Maybe you are also in the same condition as me. Having no clue what's going on.

What's happening, hm, IDK. But one thing you should know, I mean all of you, today is the fifth day I didn't eat rice. Hah, the last time I'm having rice as my meal was on last Monday breakfast. Yeap, I wanna see how it affect my body weight.

What else, did you know that, hmm, what did I want to share just now. Never mind, let it be. Haha. The moment gone away already. Haha.


Misteri KAK LIMAH: Part 2

§ 0

Owh, yang ini pun agak macam misteri jugak sebenarnya. Sebelum ktorang terjumpak misteri yang pertama tuh, ktorang ada terjumpak Salam dalam kereta Faiz, kununnya mahu pergi makan2. Ktorang terjumpa depan trefik lait. Pastuh sembang bagai, ktorang pun semua menuju ke arah haluan masing-masing.

Tapi kan seram la uols, bila Sapek kata Salam menafikan dia tak berada bersama rombongan jejak kasih Faiz pergi makan. Aku kata, kojaq Salam nih tak ngaku pi jalan-jalan. Kalau ya pun nak berbohong, tengok arr sapa dia yang dibohongi.

Tapi kejadian nih jadi makin seram bila Salam kata pada waktu kejadian (lebih kurang kol 1230am), beliau berada di Ismail Ikan Bakaq di Ivory nuuu haaa. Habes sapa dia yang berada dalam kereta Faiz tersebut. Aku tak nampak sangat muka, tapi dari segi bentuk perut dan warna baju, memang mirip Salam. Owh, sungguh seram. Walaupun Salam tiada alibi tapi aku terpaksa percaya dengan kata-kata Salam.

Maka, aku telah membuat konklusi sendiri, iaitu Kak Limah telah berubah bentuk dan menjadi seakan-akan Salam untuk mengganggu ktorang. Owh, serrreeemmm gler. Maka lepas nih, kalau nak tau itu adalah Salam atau tidak, sila cocok perut dulu. "PERUT SALAM" akan menceritakan segalanya. Kalau melantun-lantun, maka itu adalah Salam. Kalau keras semacam, mungkin itu adalah Kak Limah. Malatop Kak Limah sekarang, nak jadik Enjelina Joli ke? Boleh tukar2 identiti. Agent SALTlimah.. haha.. Malatop.

Adakah ini Salam ataupun Kak Limah. Hanya perut yang mampu menceritakan segalanya.


Misteri KAK LIMAH: Part 1

§ 0

Bebaru ini, kami telah disepraiskan oleh kemisterian Kak Limah, lebih2 lagi semenjak AJL 25 arituh. Badi Kak Limah nih makin melekat2 dalam kehidupan kami. Nak gi berak pun terkenang Kak Limah. Kut2 la Kak Limah nih dulu bukak kedai makan, pastuh dia pi kangkang nasik, sampai kami termimpi-mimpi akan Kak Limah. Atau sebenarnya, Kak Limah merupakan mak cik Yong Tau Foo pasar malam hamna. Hah, dah lama tak makan Yong Tau Foo mak cik Yong Tau Foo yang tak pernah senyum sambil membelek-belek makanan panas dengan hati yang gumbira. Cuba lihat gambar kat bawah nih.

Benda pelik ini telah dijumpai di satu lokasi yang terpaksa dirahsiakan. Adakah kemunculan benda pelik ini ada kaitan dengan misteri Kak Limah?

Benda seakan ekor babi ini juga dikatakan berpunca daripada Kak Limah. Siapa sebenarnya Kak Limah?

Kewujudan kedua-dua objek ajaib ini telah mengganggu kehidupan semua orang terutamanya Salam dan perutnya. Gangguan ini tidak berhenti di sini. Mari kita tengok story Salam diganggu oleh Kak Limah dalam post yang seterunya. Teruskan mencari cerita ini menggunakan keyword "PERUT SALAM" agar keyword tersebut akan mengalahkan keyword "ASHIQIN AJ".



Thursday, January 13, 2011 § 0

Wohh, ni merupakan post kedua Bedah Muvies pada tahun ini. Aku sangat suka menonton wayang dan kalau aku rasa cam nak mengomen, aku akan mempost komen tersebut dalam blog. Tak mau cerita panjang, Damping Malam aku tonton dua tiga ari pas niuyer dulu. Paranormal Activity 2 plak aku baru tengok petang tadi (12 Januari 2011). Ada signifikan kenapa aku mahu menonton kedua-dua pelem ini. Damping Malam, kerana aku mahu menyokong industri perfileman tempatan dan ParaNormal Activity 2 sebab aku nak tau apa kesinambungan dari yang first Paranormal Activity.

Seram okeyh, gabungan hewan macam hanjing dan budak2 kecik. Nasib tak da doll yang macam lam cerita Chucky tuh, kalo tak mau nanges aku. Tengok Toy Story pun aku seram tengok doll tuh.

Okeyh la, xda la seram geyla babey sangat.

Aku tak mau tulis sinopsis, sebab nanti jadik macam panjang lak post nih. Semasa aku menonton Paranormal Activity 2, aku rasa macam ada persamaan lak plot cerita nih ngan Damping Malam. Baidewei, aku guna perkataan plot, aku tak reti bahasa2 filem nih. Aku guna ikut pemahaman aku yerk. Haha. Pertamanya, kedua-dua filem nih berkisar tentang perjanjian antara manusia dengan makhluk2 yang kita tak nampak. Dalam DM, Amy Mastura telah meminta pendamping untuk jaga family dia dan mak dia dah warning, jangan sesekali amik pendamping. Asalnya family Amy Mastura memang ada pendamping tapi mak Amy dan buang. Tapi memandangkan Amy nih cam insecure ngan family dia, maka dia pi pasang pendamping. Tiba2 bomoh yang pi pasang damping kat dia tuh mati. To make it worst, hanya bomoh tu jah yang boleh buang pendamping tersebut. Makanya, kalau la Amy tak renew perjanjian antara dia dan pendampingnya yang baidewei hanya boleh buat melalui Tok Moh tersebut, maka damping tersebut akan ganggu family dia dan akan amik soul salah sorang ahli keluarga Amy. Aku rasa macam taip perkataan damping tuh terlalu banyak sampai dah bunyik ala2 DUMPLING lak. Haha.

Nanti nak suruh Ahmad Idham buat muvie The Night Dumpling la plak. Hah, malatop.

 Untuk PA2, ada satu gangguan terhadap family A nih (Aku guna kata ganti A okeyh, sebab aku malas nak cari apa surname dorang). Maka daughter dorang nih pi la mencari apa2 kemungkinan yang berlaku. Then dia terjumpak satu artikel tentang perjanjian antara manusia dan demon. Demon akan tolong manusia dapat kekayaan, wealth, kuasa dan sebagainya selama berkurun-kurun dan sebagai ganti, manusia harus mengorbankan soul the firstborn son dalam family dorang. Kristi dan adik dia Katie dah dapat gangguan nih dari dorang kecik agi, then bila dorang da berfamili, gangguan tu datang balik. Gangguan tu jadi main rancak bila Kristi melahirkan anak lelaki beliau yang happens to be the firstborn son since 1932. Then hasben Kristi da kena warning oleh nanny dorang tentang makhluk tuh. Bila dia nampak depan mata Kristi kena rasuk, dia pun pi pindahkan makhluk tu gi rumah Katie. Then rupa-rupanya gangguan yang berlaku ke atas Katie tu la yang berlaku dalam Paranormal Activity yang mula-mula dulu. Last sekali dorang pun tunjuk kesinambungan Paranormal Activity dan Paranormal Activity 2.
Memula tengok, aku tak leh terima cerita nih. Tapi aku rasa okeyh ja, sebab ada kelainan. Seram okeyh. Benda nih boleh berlaku dan lebih dekat ngan hidup kita seharian.

Owh, nampak tak persamaan antara dua muvies nih. Hah, perjanjian antara manusia ngan demon okeyh. Haa, ada berani nak buat perjanjian macam tuh. Perjanjian sesama manusia pun senang2 boleh tipu ni plak perjanjian ngan demon. Ko hengat hidup boleh senang? Aku tak sure la adakah ini merupakan suatu kebetulan atau Ahmad Idham ada amek idea daripada PA2 untuk filem DM. Maybe kebetulan sahaja memandangkan banyak masyarakat kat donia nih suka buat perjanjian ngan demon untuk kuasa dan kekayaan.

Pada aku, aku suka jah ngan cerita PA2, tapi apa yang frustrate aku adalah audience dia. Boleh engkau dorang seolah2 membuat bunyi2an yang cerita nih macam bosan. Hello, kalau ko tengok PA, mesti lah ko da boleh expect macam mana cerita nih. Aku sangat2 mahu tengok cerita nih sebab aku nak tau apa yang berlaku waktu muvie first dulu. Sapa sebenarnya Katie dan apa yang berlaku. Dah la pertengahan cerita tu, boleh plak GSC buat choi ala2 siaran tergendala. Nasib tak lama sangat. Agak terganggu la jugak.

Muvie DM lak, hmmm... Boleh la, tak da macam menarik gila2 babi sangat. Lebih kurang jah ngan muvie yang sebelum nih, just ubah jenis hantu dan jenis kepercayaan. Tapi tetap gak ngan tema untrusted hasben terhadap perkara ghaib. Cuma kali nih, dorang tak tunjuk sangat apa2 jenis hantu. Okeyh la. Siap Amy Mastura bagi ceramah okeyh waktu ending. Malatop-latop sangat.

Apa2 hal plon, DM vs PA2, PA2 akan menang. Kualiti video lebih bagus compare PA dan lebih banyak karekter. Siap ada hanjing lagi okeyh. Macam nak bela jah sekor hanjing tuh. BTW, hanjing tuh baka apa ekh? German Sheppard ekh? Kalau DM lak, entah la, aku sangat tak suka ngan lakonan Amy Mastura. Cam tak sesuai jah. Tapi apapon, sokong la ekh industri perfileman tempatan. Tengok cam aku, walaupun aku tengok cerita orang putih, aku tengok jugak filem Melayu. Tapi aku tak mau Sherra pi tengok filem Melayu kat cinema hall, sebab nak jaga rekod dia. Rasa bersalah lak sebab terpecah satu rekod dia yang cuba untuk beliau preserve ituh.. Haha.. Okeyh Sherra, jangan tengok filem Melayu. Kita sama2 pegang rekod (I'm pretty sure you'll read my blog).. Hehe..


Bedah Muvies: THE TOURIST

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 § 0

Yeah, sebelum aku balik ke Penang dari Kluang arituh, untuk membunuh masa (kill the time), aku telah pergi menengok satu muvie yang sangat best iaitu The Tourist. Aku tengok kat Kluang Mall di cinema yang berjenama Big Cinemas. Sorang2 lagi tuh okeyh. AKu nak ajak sapa. Kenalan kat sana suma kerja. Time tu lak weekday. Paragraph seterusnya merupakan sinopsis yang aku buat sendiri.

Muka dorang pun boleyh jual muvie nih

Elise nih telah diekori oleh beberapa orang polis dari Scotland Yard. Time dia diekori tuh, dia dok kat France. So dia nih ari2 akan diekori oleh pepolis nih. Kalau dia buat benda di luar rutin dia, baru lah pepolis nih akan ambil tindakan. Sebabnya pepolis nih tengah memburu seorang penjenayah yang bernama Alexander Pearce or initial dia AP. Maka pada satu hari yang sungguh sexy, Elise telah mendapat satu note dari AP dan menyuruh dia memfollow apa yang tertulis dalam note tuh. Follow punya follow maka dia pun terjumpa ngan seseorang yang bernama Frank. Maka Elise nih pun flirt ngan Frank seperti arahan dalam note AP. Pastuh dorang ni pun headed ke Italy dan dorang pun berlakon kat sana. Elise nih sebenarnya dalam usaha mahu berjumpa ngan AP, Frank lak tengah bercuti, pepolis nih nak tangkap AP dan tiba2 ada satu grup gangster yang diketuai oleh Shaw. Shaw dan gang2 dia nih tengah dendam ngan AP sebab tipu duit dorang. Last2 gadoh punya gadoh, pepolis nih tak dapat pun reveal identiti AP dan cerita tu pun berakhir ngan sad/happy ending. Biasakla typical hollywood, orang jahat mesti mati punya, maka Shaw pun mati.

Cerita nih tersangat la best okeyh.
Pertamanya, cta ni gabungan antara Angelina Jolie dan Johnny Depp. Gila hengkau, Jolie dan Depp berlakon sekali tak pi tengok. Boh nama dorang dua orang nih pun dah boleh jual cerita nih. Tapi watak Jolie sangat leh predict dalam cerita nih. Ala2 SALT la jugak. Tapi Salt tuh lagi super power punya cover. Gila babi punya kerahsiaan. Memang respek la kerahsiaan Salt. Maka kalau tengok cter nih, towards the end, aku tak terkejut pun sebenarnya bila Jolie reveal watak dia. Tapi untuk Depp, dia main ngan instinct kita. Aku meragui kowt instinct aku masa tengok cerita nih. Tapi aku tak mau la reveal apa instinct aku dan adakah instinct aku tu tepat atau tak. Korang kena pi tengok muvie tuh.

Gila sexxayy dorang nih. The sexiest actor and actress. Dua2 body mantap. Idaman laki (Jolie) dan pompuan (Depp). Dah la dorang nih terrar berlakon.

Keduanya, latar tempat kat France dan Italy. Mostly kat Italy la. Memang sangat cantik okeyh dorang tunjukkan Italy tuh. Cantik sampai tahap aku nak pi menjadik tourist kat sana jugak. Kalau The Tourist tuh buat kat Malaysia, harus director, Jolie dan Depp akan dapat gelaran Dato'. Percutian Jolie dan Depp memang satu percutian yang super duper mewah. Ko mampu nak bercuti macam tuh. Aku tak mampu lagi. Pasnih nak jadik anak ikan mana2 datin la, kut kut la boleh bercuti mewah macam tuh. Ko gila. Haha.

Ko gila. Dorang tak main limo lam cter nih. Dorang main boat sahaja.

Ketiganya, aku sangat suka ngan scene Jolie pi follow note AP. Memang sangat style okeyh. Tu baru betul aplikasi yang betul untuk frasa "Listen and Follow". Frasa nih aku ada jumpak dalam beberapa buku marketing yang aku baca. Walaupun kita tau director buat note tuh very the well plan punya, tapi sangat seronok tengok. Sangat smart. Time tengok tuh baru sedar, waktu jadik PKS lu, boss selalu sebut tentang work smart, plan bebetul dan blah blah blah. Benda macam tuh la sebenarnya. Nanti kalau aku dah bersedia untuk kembali ke alam pekerjaan dan dah ada company yang bebetul nak employ aku (bukan nak buang sesuka ati dia jek), aku akan cuba aplikasikan apa yang aku belajar kat PUMA dulu dan kesmartan Jolie dan Depp. Haha. Over kan.

Jolie cakap French okeyh. Aku tak tau la betol ka tak accent dia. Tapi British accent dia memang cantik jah dengar. Aku tak reti nak nilai accent dia. Aku speaking omputih pun guna Malaysian slang jah.

Keempatnya, aku suka ngan ending dia bila ketua operasi polis tuh tak dapat2 nak setelkan kes tuh. Tak dapat nak reveal sapa dia AP. Memang sangat legendary la. So aku rasa puas la. Tak da rasa nak bakor panggung wayang tuh. Aku ingat lagi waktu tengok Racoonzel dulu, aku gtau kat member aku, kalo jantan tuh idup balik, aku bakor GSC. Sekali dia bebetul idup balik. Sumpah aku maki2 dalam hall time2 tu jugak. Tapi nasib dah matang sikit, kalo tak, aku patahkan spec 3D GSC. Haha.

Sian polis nih, dah la selalu kena marah ngan Boss dia sebab lambat setelkan kes nih, pastuh tak tau sapa dia identiti sebenar AP. Tu laa, buat kemaih lagi.
Makanya, muvie nih tak rugi untuk ditengok. Sila la tengok before dia abes tayangan. Walaupun Razzu kata "I don't trust in Syahmi anymore if he wanna bring me for movie" dan Chick pun siap pukul2 aku dalam hall arituh, tapi yakin la ngan taste aku untuk muvie The Tourist. Haha.

Nota Kaki: Kejadian Razzu dan Chick tuh berpunca daripada ajakan aku membawa dorang tengok Revenge of The King Cobra beberapa bulan nan silam dan ajakan seterusnya melalui muvie Death Bell: Bloody Camp. Haha. Actually waktu tengok cerita Bloody Camp tuh, dah xda muvie yang aku, Pah dan Sherra tak tengok. Tinggal yang tuh ja, sebab tu tengok muvie tersebut. Haha. Tak pasal2 kena pukul2 oleh Chick dalam Hall dan kena curse oleh Razzu. Haha.


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