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Saturday, January 22, 2011 § 0

Recently, I hate turning at my Facebook News Feed. There are too many depressing status, too many overwhelming comments and too much heart broken reading. Sometime the post doesn't intended for me, but just by reading it will influence my mood of the hour. Currently the wall of Facebook is a place for these kinda people to smash their rotten heart, so people will lick every piece of it.
I won't lick your wound. Lick it yourself. I believe other people won't lick it either, they'll only ignoring you. Believe me. You'll be more wounded. Consult your true friends rather than smashing it on their wall.
Before this, I love reading those kinda thing, but slowly, it darken my bright day. Then I decided to leave Facebook little by little until a time come I will delete my account. I believe those social network site mean for us to communicate in a new, modern and simple way. But just posting this kinda stuff is like you telling everyone u meet on the streets your misery, PARTICULARLY. You won't do that in real life, but you have gut to do that on Facebook. Isn't is very surprising?
Sharing is caring, but sharing something inappropriate is not caring. It's humiliating our self. It's true you have to share your problems, but Facebook is not invented for that yet. You still have to do the conservative way, which is meeting your friends or family personally. I'm blocking too many people, but sadly, this kinda "sharing-inappropriately virus" is highly contagious. I don't wanna get infected.
That's why I'm turning down my Facebook for a while and start using another way for networking through website. I'm creating my very own Tumblr account. There are not too many people into that web yet. After a few days with Tumblr, I found out that Tumblr is very handy. It's combining every Social Network web in one. They have News Feed dashboard, asking column as in Formspring, blogspot feature, reblog like in retweet, you can upload picture and video and so on and so forth. Plus, they have various theme to be tried on. And every theme is very unique.
It's very handy, try it people. But please please please don't mess it like you what you did on Facebook.
I deciding to name my Tumblr as "Hook Up with Syahmi (Repackage)", the same name as my blog. Nowadays, I'm starting to write more on my opinion in my blog then deciding to put my daily routine in my Tumblr. Less people will stalk me there. I wanna specialize Hook Up with Syahmi as opinion blog to increase my traffic. I will also start to write back in English to attract English-spoken country to visit me. Happen on one day, when my US visitor surpass my Malaysian Visitor. Isn't that exciting? So if you wanna stalk my daily routine, feel free to visit my Tumblr ya. But from time to time, if I have my specific opinion on my daily routine, I will also crap it in here. Haha.
I'm using this theme on Hook Up with Syahmi (Repackage).
Owytey, for those who wanna follow me on Tumblr, this is the link ... Follow me ya, I'm trying my best to update my day there. Hope it'll excite you. Owyte, bye..


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