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The Greatest Mak Cik Yong Tau Foo

Sunday, January 23, 2011 § 2

For those who really close with me, know a habit of me every time I go to pasar malam near Hamna there. The pasar malam held every Saturday evening and they have variety of stuff can be found. But out of hundreds, I only interested in one stall. From my first semester in USM until I graduated till I quit my job in USM, I will always go to to this stall. That's the only one, The Greatest Mak Cik Yong Tau Foo.

Before this, she's never smiling when serving her Yong Tau Foo, but last week, for the first time, I saw her smile. It's not that beautiful neither it sweet but it's very exciting. Imagining a person that you adore so much for the food she serves, but never once you see the smile. This can be a great experienced you never forgot. It's started when I say something silly like, "For the past four years, never I saw her smile or discount. Could it be this very particular day, either one of these things occurred?". Saying that line (of course in Malay) loudly while pointing your lips at her, apparently make her smile. Yeap. That incident occur last week.

This week, yeah this evening I went to pasar malam again. Unintended, as we have car to use. For sure I will stop at her stall to buy some of her Yong Tau Foo. Once again, she's smiling at me, only that none of the silly sentence pop out from my the most damaged organ (my mouth). Isn't it great, when people start to recognize you and smiling unintended because of your appearance. You don't have to be an angel to gain one simple smile, because I'm not coming with an angelic package. I don't know exactly what make her both end lips going up as I never see that gesture for the last 4 years, until last week.
I never see this one before. She's rolling the koey teow.
The variety of food you can choose to mix
This is on the other side. She's totally having too many selections.
This is the compulsory selection for me
She's picking up the hot stuff bare handed and immediately chopping it to pieces. She's must be having a thick hand. Her skills really amazed me from the moment I'm starting to crave her Yong Tau Foo.
WOW, isn't that just amazing? Let us support her stall. Long live The Greatest Mak Cik Yong Tau Foo
However, I will always supporting her Yong Tau Foo and everywhere I go, her Yong Tau Foo will always be associated with pasar malam Hamna. I has dragged to many people with that Yong Tau Foo, starting with Nana, Mek, Qabiey and Pak Cik era until the era of Cikgu Teyah and Chick. Too many people already involved. It's not the food that attract me the most, but the memories that mixed together just like the Yong Tau Foo itself.


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