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Why I Like Super Junior

Friday, January 21, 2011 § 0

Recently, most of the people coming or visiting this blog will using Super Junior's Keyword, such as Siwon, Kyuhyun Accident, SuJu M, Yesung cute, Super Junior Neorago and so on and so forth. Most of them come outside from Malaysia. Unfortunately, most of that article was written in Malay language. Not the proper one, but using conversational Malay slang. Some of the reader may not be able to read it. As far as I concern only post regarding FULL HOUSE was written in fully English. However, I'm not that comfy to write anything in English in my blog recently. I've been not speaking or listening to the language for quite sometime. My English totally depend on that factor. If I'm seldom using it, suddenly my grammar become very worse, having smaller range of vocab and my sentence arrangement starting to sound very weird.

For this post, I'm trying my best to use English. Razzu, I know you'll read this. Please correct me if I'm wrong. You are one of the younger people that able to use English very very well especially in cursing and sarcasm. Hehe, joking. I'm still learning this language to the best.

There are lot of reasons why I like 'em which is Super Junior. At first, may I say that I'm not that into Korean thingy ever since Winter Sonata start to penetrate our TV or I don't even care whether Hyundai or Samsung is their product. I don't really give a damn. But this one is different. Lemme share some, why I like 'em.
Why I Like Super Junior.
Yeah, Why I Like Them? This is a question that may map various answer.

13 Seems Like Not So Unlucky
They are different from any typical Korean singer or idol. What make they're so special is, they consists of 13 members. Yeap, that's true, they are consists of 13 members. Even though they have various issue such as, 13elive in Them, Prom15e to Love Them, Prot3ct the Missing Members, and 10ve the Remaining Group, but they still continue to be a senior and super star not only in Korea but also in South-East and East Asia. "13elieve in Them" is term arise when SME announce the new Sub Unit which is Super Junior-M (later the next chapter) will debut in China. Despite all the issue, SuJu-M gains high popularity in China and makin their own history, as the first singing group that consists of Chinese and Korean members in China. "Prom15e to Love Them" is tribute to Zhoumi and Henry Lau, especially after Zhaomi been BOOed at his own country during Super Show 2 when he's replacing Hangeng's place. "Prot3ct the Missing Members" is chaos occurred after rumours Kibum will leave Super Junior to pursue his acting career, Hangeng with his contract termination and our beloved Kangin, enlisted himself in army after several controversies about him being wild and outta control. With the release of BONAMANA, "10ve the Remaining Groups" start to arise to give full support with the only 10 members left for the after Sorry Sorry victory.
10ve The Remaining Groups
13 is Not A Big Number Afterall
Many people claims (they are obviously not even a fan) that with so many members, some people might left out. But the fact is NO. No one will be left out. Super Junior is formed by combining the best in each fields in Korea entertainment industry. They have their singin unit, dancin unit, actin unit and MCing + DJing unit. This information might not be reliable, but I'm categorizing each member as follows. Singin: Yesung, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kangin. Dancing: Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae, Leeteuk, Hangeng, Sungmin. Acting: Kibum, Siwon, Heechul, Kangin. MC + DJ: Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Leeteuk. You won't be tired exploring each of them. For example, the main factor why Sorry Sorry become a huge success is, each one of the members playing their role brilliantly. Whose singin, concentrating on vocal and whose dancing focus on choreography. No one will overshadowed one. Even Eunhyuk have no significant part to sing, but he's always at the front line while performing. That's the beauty of Super Junior.
Super Junior Kiss The Radio or SUKIRA or KTR
Siwon as lead in Oh My Lady drama
Some Members is Meant To Be A Legend
I must say, some of them was born to be a legend. Who are they, I think Heechul, Kangin and Leeteuk will be a legend soon. I believe more on Heechul. He is one of the factor why people start to recognize Super Junior. He's so legendary until he can change the anti of him to be his fans. He's very honest in giving his opinion, something that be considered as taboo in Idol world in Korea. When he's receiving a compliment, he always agree with it while other idol will deny it. When been asked about a gossip, he won't save it only for him. He'll leak it to the media. Been rumored as gay, kissing his own SuJu brother, makin suicide statement, going out with many girls, posting his picture while wildly partying and so on and so forth. People might hate him, but eventually thanking him for his honesty in showing who is he himself. He's also the only idol that have courage to break many taboos. While many idol like to play safe, he comes with many charms, uniquely charms.

Not Enough with S  J, They Give us With More Letters
Yeah, they are the only insane group in this world bravely putting each members in different Sub-Unit. First with SUJU-K.R.Y, then they comes with SUJU-T, SUJU-M and SUJU-H refer to Kyuhun-Ryeowook-Yesung, Trot, Mandarin and Happy respectively. They tackle us with different kinda music produce by various concept. We will never-endingly explore their music. Not mentioning various of program whether they star in it or involve directly. After going with different Sub-Unit, surprisingly they made their world famous comeback with Sorry Sorry. After being apart for more than a year and a half, they manage to boom us with only one hit. This is what Super Junior is made of.
SuJu-Happy with Cooking Cooking EP, bringin bubblegum pop to a new level
Korean Entertainment Culture  
Unlike in other country like US or even in Malaysia, entertainers in Korea is very widely open with their life. Their aim is to be as close as possible to the fans. They posting what are they doing everyday, what kinda clothes they are wearing now and everything. They are using many medium such as Twitter, mini hompy or even when the fans see them on the streets, they willingly letting their photo being taken by the fans. They also have very special relation with their fans and acknowledging them appropriately. The fans will name themselves, in the case of Super Junior, their official fans name is E.L.F abbreviation from Ever-Lasting-Friends. This culture never exist consistently in Malaysia. During the fever of Akademia Fantasia long time ago, many obsess fans will gather among themselves to show support for their chosen student. But that never last long. Up until now I never heard any Siti Nurhaliza's fanclub officially, or even if they do, they didn't catch reporter's attention. Siti also seldomly mention them in any occasions. Different in Korea, especially for Super Junior, their fans playing a very very important role. They will mention E.L.F in most or can be said in each occasion. Whether when they win something, interview, concert or even in their Twitter or mini hompy. The existence of Super Junior is caused by never ending support from their fans whether an official one like E.L.F

Super Junior is Our Imaginary Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Agree or not, Super Junior is more loose compare to other idol. They have more freedom to express who they are. They are more enjoy to watch. If they've been invited in any programs, the MC won't be disappointed. They will entertain us and we may start to think they as our own best friends. We laugh at their action, we shed tears when story about Donghae's father pop out, we feel happy when Shindong reveal his upcoming marriage, starting to miss Kangin's big mouth or we start to wonder who will lead the boys after Leeteuk and Heechul enlisted in army. Slowly they become our imaginary best friend, or start to talk about them in real life like we have live a day with them. Before this, only F.R.I.E.N.D.S can drag me to their world but now, I have another world to enter. Both Central Perk and this boys gimme a huge impact in my imaginary world. I thought nothing can beat F.R.I.E.N.D.S but Super Junior did it. These two phenomena sit at the same place in my Syahmi in Imaginary Land. But don't get me wrong. I'm not crazy, but imagination is good for our mental health. A good imagination will lead to a proper lifestyle.
Now, you know why I like Super Junior. Next time I will tell you, the beauty of their dance choreography and their performance. I wanna start with Sorry Sorry. Fell free to follow me ya... Hope this addiction will lead to a good behavior. I hope someday the boys will read this post and I wanna thank them because entertaining my days when I've no one to rely on. Bye...


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