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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 § 0

What else left ya? Hmm, Campus Election is done. Yeap I've been involving myself to the process of SRC's election. It's quite tough job actually. Lot of paper been wasted as student objecting the E-Voting system. The amount of paper is very massive. From the voting paper to the poster. I'm pretty sure if one of the candidate is an environmentalist, he/she definitely will withdrawing himself. Up until now, I'm agree with E-Voting (environmentally speaking and putting aside any integrity issues that may arise). However many of the student is not ready to that change yet. They totally paranoid with the result.

Hmm, what else, yes I'm starting using our stove already. And it is very very cheap, having meal at your own house. I'm addicted to my own cooking already.

What else to report. Hmm, nothing much actually. I just downloading TweetDeck and it's very very handy. It's such a waste that I didn't know about that software before. Well, I'm not a computer savvy or gadget maniac. I have no strong feelings towards iPhone if you wanna know.

What else. Ya, last nite I bought a very cheap and 'cheap' magazine. The only logical reason why I wanna spend RM2.50 of my money to that magazine company was because they have Super Junior as cover story. And it turns to be very very very disappointing. If that article was an assignment, the Reference page should be fill with and (Keywords: Super Junior). Even they are using the 2006 picture of Super Junior. Well I'm gonna write and argue all the writing point by point (if I have that much time to do that). Haha.

What else ehh, there's no more to report. I'm feeling very awkward with my English. Well, I'm still learning this language and trying my very best to improve my level. Owytey..



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