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I Appreciate Everything That I Have

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 § 1

owh, well. How am I gonna say this. I'm writing this post on a late midnite while watching 'Baik Punya Cilok'.

Past few months, or to be exact on the New Year 0f 2011, I'm being too greedy. I wanna own everything that sometime out of my capabilities. Starting with a high paying job, a car, a house, a loyal girlfriend and so on and so forth. I was too ambitious, I'm dreaming all of this and that. I wanna have everything that on my list, plinging, come in real life. But that never happens.

One by one, minute by minute I'm feeling that I'm on my way down. I forgot my appreciation. I don't know how to say my grace. Well, let's see one by one.

High paying job. Well, yeah I lost that one first. On the top ten the most miserable moment of the year, category 2011. Then I'm dreaming to drive my own car. Owh, even my driving license could be very very troublesome. It's takes me more than 5 month just to settle the computerized test. Then I'm dreaming to live inside my own house. Well, this one not so far away, as I'm renting a house. And the most difficult one, a loyal girlfriend. I don't have gut to expalain on this one, as it could arise too many speculation and different intrepretation.

Then, month after month, right before my birthday (which by the way is not a significant event to me), little by little I found myself back. It's starting with walking in the morning, then everything is starting to ease up. I found new ways of living in a moderate life. A simple yet meaningful kinda life. I'm starting to redefine my social life. And on the top of it, I'm starting to appreciate more of my life. Less whining, no more sad viewing and looking forward for a gerat day ahead.

Well, I believe, this kinda life is not sustain. Someday, sometime, eventually it'll change bit a bit. But every moment I spend, I'll treasure it. Because, one day I'm gonna miss it and sure I want to repeat everything, unfortunately it won't happens. So I want to live this moment to the fullest, how I'm strugling myself, the fight, the down, the worries that I refuse to share (except in here), hopefully it's another syllabus in my life.


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§ 1 Response to “I Appreciate Everything That I Have”

  • Anonymous says:

    true. we need to be grateful in life and just try to enjoy and appreciate everything we have.

    p/s: we're looking for the same things in life. pretty nice coincidence ;) good luck for you future undertakings blogboy :D

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