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13, 15, 10 now 8

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 § 0

Owh, back then the number of 13 seems quite to be very unlucky until Super Junior's debut as the king of hallyu. Day by day, as they gets to be more mature and their musics accepted by the rest of the world, they have to pay it somehow. One by one members leaving then.

It starts with Hankyung lawsuit. Kibum's affections towards acting. Kangin's enlistment. Now it's time for Heechul to say GOODBYE for a while and Siwon to be away for a moment.

Somehow, I believe fans all over the world will always 13ELIEVE IN THEM, PROM15E TO 10VE SUPER JUNIOR AND WILL ALWAYS W8 ALL OF THEM TO REUNITE AGAIN. Goodbye Heechul. You makes my day. And Siwon, I hope Poseidon will be a blast soon.

This one from their debut right?
The two funny gangs: Heechul and Kangin

The two sexy brothers: Heechul and Siwon

The two cute fella: Heechul and Kibum

The two close foreigner: Heechul and Hankyung
Buh Bye


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