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The Real Reason, I'm Not Going Back

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 § 0

Well, year by year the answer and the question couldn't be more tougher. It's safe that I say this at the moment.
I'm boycotting those celebration:
Eid that celebrated more than 18 hours
A Crappy Birthday

So far, there are only two that I'm boycotting. And I'm not that sure if the number will increase as time goes by. But I'm pretty sure those two. Well, the real reason, it's better to stay with me for a while. Even if I'm cornered by the most strategic interviewer, I won't tell you. Only if I'm ready and you are the right person. How do I know when is the right person or to whom I'm gonna tell, I just know. No need to question that.
As for now, stop cornering me with such question anymore. I'm too overwhelm to answer it. Please please please sometime wear my shoes as mine might be differs from yours.

Yeah BTW, I'm just scolding this very poor pathetic Pizza Hut workers. Well, I'm not proud of myself, but that's the way I did it. Yearrkkss...



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