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Suvey II

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 § 0

Hehe, malam ini, mahu menghiburkan diri dengan menjawab survey lagi.. gegegege... baca je la ekh.. hehe..

1) Are u really ready for 1-55 questions?
= Yeah, bring it oooonnnnnnn... hahah..

2) Was your last ex boyfriend/girlfriend a mistake?
= Hmm, I don't they are, butmy crush and my scandal, yeah they are a mistake, big one...

3) Do u believe in God?
= Yeah, of course..

4) To whom did u last say I love you?
= I didn't say that kinda crap..duuuhhh

6) Have u ever been depressed?
= grrr, actually how's that feeling..?

7) Have a best friend?
= I wish I don't have, because they are tooooo fragile and brittle to handle..

8) Are u a boy or girl?
= Rarrrrrr, ruff ruff, I'm the hottest boy in town and thy neighbor.. hahaha..

9) What song u currently listen to?
= No song, just a commercial breaks from Ch 711 Star World.

10) How do u want to die?
= dalam iman..haha

11) What did you last eat?
= Yusoof Taiyoob's (I hope the spelling is correct) Yuta dates..

12) Do you play an instrument?
= grrrrr.. I wish

13) Do you bite your nails?
= Hell no, but sometime I did.. EHhee

14) When was your last physical fight?
= If yelling at the waiter and waitress is considered one, then last Saturday...ahhaa

15) Tom from MySpace is about to go to jail what’s your first thought?
= Owh, who the hell is this guy?

17) Ever been in love?
= Ruff Ruff..ehehehe

18) What is your first name?
= It's Khairul. duh, this question is such a waste.. hohoho.

19) Do you like reading?
= In order for me to look good, my answer must be YES.. hahah..

20) Are you gonna get high later?
= Cross finger.. hohoh..

21) Do you hate someone at the moment?
= From deep inside, NO...

22) Do you miss someone?
= Ruff Ruff, is thinking about them in considered one? If yes, then HELL YEAH.. haha..

23) Twirl or cut your spagheti?
= Twirl Twirl Twirl.. hohoho.

24) Who is the daughter of the sister of your best friend's uncle?
= Err, WHAT? again, I don't get the question...

26) Have any pets?
= Heiy, I miss every my pets, and they R.I.P dy.. huhuh

27) How exactly are you feeling?
= La La La La La La La

28) Ever ate food in a car while someone is driving?
= Errr, yeahhaaa, and then?

29) Have you ever started a rumor?
= Gegegege, yeah.. Kids, it is not a good practice.. haha..

30) Are Barbie & Ken bad influences on people?
= i know who the hell is Barbie, but what is Ken..

31) Do you regret anything from your past?
= Hmmmm, must be NO to this question

32) What are you wearing right now?
= Grrr, black Tshirt and kain pelikat.. hehe, just doing my prayer..

33) Do you want to have kids?
= Homaigoodnesss, hell YEAH...

34) Ever kissed somebody that name starts with a D?
= hehehehe, if other letter you might just starting a controversy.. hahaha

35) Do you type fast?
= Not that slow, not that fast,,, hohoh

36) Do you have piercings?
= I WISH THIS ONE TOO... hahaha

37) Want any more?
= what? (with sarcasm expression)

38) Can u spell well?
= W-E-L-L .. what happen then?

39) Do u miss your past?
= Hell yeah.. (I'm just realizing I use to many 'HELL' word in my answer)

40) What are u craving for right now?
= uurrrgghh, I'm trying to answer this one, but nothing comin out from my head.

41) What should u be doing?
= Sleep well and tight.. ehhee...

42) Own a cell phone
= yeah yeah (while holding it in fronf of the laptop screen)...

43) What was your last birthday wish?
= I wish, no one know about it, heiy I don't celebrate birthday.. ahakss..

44) Does somebody love you?
= Ruff Ruff (If anyone reading this and hoping my answer is your name, then I'll love you too, three, four)

45) What is your favorite color/s?
= for some reason, I have to answer BLACK.. hohoh...

46) So are you liking this survey?
= well, I thought this one gonna blew some sort of controversy, like the time when I was freshman..haha

47) Is it too personal?
= HELL NO...

48) Do you have trust issues?
= I don't trust myself when it comes to the key thingy..

49) Who was the last person you kissed?
= Errr, I rather to keep this one to myself and that person.. grr grr..

50) Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
= I have a good relationship with my mother.. miss you mom, love you mom...

51) Have you ever walked under the rain?
= I want to walk under the raining women...hahah

52) Do u think u’re a good person?
= YEAH (with capital letters, showing that I'm very confidence).

53) Do you believe on trials?
= What is that?

55) What is bothering u?

Hehehe, hope you enjoy reading it,



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