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I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Being Cold (and busy too)

Saturday, October 29, 2011 § 0

Hmmm, I don't know. It is just me or other people start to realize it too. I'm being cold and too ignorance whenever I thought I'm busy. Well, not just thought but I am or was.

What makes me want to write this crap on this very cold and 'busy' night is, I'm afraid I might hurting many peoples. If you don't, then you might click the red 'X' on the edge of this window, but if you do, then keep on reading.

How am I gonna start. I'm not that good in expressing my love, or passion towards a friendship. I may want to list down as much reason as I could, but that won't be necessary. That's just a total BULLSHIT, I made up to comfort myself and makin others to feel good about me. I don't believe in excuses or reasons btw. If it is a NO, then it is a NO. No need to made up thousand of reasons to make me feel good. I just hate it.
How it happens. While I'm writing this crap, all that I can think about is the Phoebe Buffay potrayed by Lisa Kudrow. Maybe some of my principles was taken from her. Well, I'm not vegetarian, yet. Hehehe

Let's get back to business. This time around (especially after my short holiday) if I ever ever made you uncomfortable, or you might think that I'm ignoring you, well I'm not. I love my friends and my life very very much. I'm so sorry, if I ever did that. Well I'm cold, sometimes I don't know what I'm doing and sometimes there are no definite reasons. I just did it. There are times when I really wanna express my love, but don't expect that to be happens soon. It's gonna take some time. Well you know, it's just plain and cold me.
If you want to receive email about my upcoming activities, please donate to me, so I can buy a computer . . .

I'm blaming myself, but please don't stop loving me, because you know, I'm HOT and you and I know it... Hahaha...

Stop crapping for a while. Gotta back to my work that has to be submitted somewhere around this comin Monday. Haha.



Oh Damn, Mercun Plak

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 § 1

Beginilah di kala kita duduk dalam kawasana kejiranan yang very the 1 Malaysia. Raya Melayu dengar mercun, raya Cina pun main mercun, raya India pun dum dam dum dam bunyik mercun.

Well, alkisahnya tadi tatkala aku mengembalikan diri dari mengajar tuisyen, telah ada satu mercun meletop kat tak berapa nak sebelah aku. DUUUMMMM, dia tembak kena keta, bukan keta aku, tapi satu keta Vios sapa punya entah. Gila, tembak macam tuh. Mau meletup kereta jiran aku tuh. Nasib bukan keta aku.

Well, di tengah keheningan malam ni pun, dok tembak menembak lagi. Ala2 macam perang pun ada haih. Anyway anyhoo, janganlah kita bermain mercun kerana ia boleh mendatangkan kemerbahayaan kepada diri dan jiran kita. Tak pasal2 keta jiran aku meletup okeh tadi.

Plan untuk esok. Hmm, aku nak sambut raya Deepavali kat Juru, kat umah Second In-Command di ofis. Mulanya saja jah nak bergurau senda nak makan spaghetti kat umah dia time Deepavali, sekali dia ajak bebetol. Satu opis aku angkut haih, sampai2 orang2 dari Kampus Kejuruteraan pun aku jemput sekali. Bior leeerrr... Serious spaghetti Kak Zati sedap okeyh. Eh, terpromote plak. Terpakasa la mintak royalti dari dia. (dia nak bayar ke?).

Apa lagi ya mahu cerita. Alang2 dah terhapdet nih. Well, aku dah mula meninggalkan Korea sikit demi sikit dan kembali kepada cinta lama aku iaitu MTV. Hehehe. Nazira mesti suka. Ceiyh.

Owytey, udah2 la tuh kowt. Buhbye...


It's Gonna End Soon

Monday, October 24, 2011 § 0

Lookin back at my old post. None for September. Well it's because of PIMPIN Siswa. Didn't get that much time updating. Even with the facebook, or twitter. Now, slowly my life get back on track.Well, before get straight to the intention, lemme tell this brief story of mine.

Someone had 'read' me, if you know what I mean. And he said something that attract my attention the most. I could do things much better if I can get a good and nice rest after a long, a very long and tiring works thingy. Yeap, I kinda agree with that.

You know, If you've been following me quite sometime, I've been in very busy place. Start off with the planning of PIMPIN Siswa Lanjutan, bringing to the real PIMPIN Siswa, that was intended for the 1st year student, the work had never stop. Then I got a whole week to be spent, to recovered and recharged, but I kinda waste it. To top it off, I blew the best chance for me to enjoy my weekend with some dumb and melancholy feelings. They just don't match.

Every single action could throw me in a very bad bad situation. The next thing I know is, no one is right, nothing is perfect. Then I'll come with too many planning, and KPI to be achieved. Failed to nailed it could throw me again to the holes. Well, gotta stop to write for a while, because the writing couldn't be any more worse than it already is.

Owh, what could I say. Maybe I'm just too fatigue to figure things out. Well, buhbye...

It Start with "Syahmi, buat meeting penyelarasan"

Friday, October 21, 2011 § 0

Yeah, unlike last year, or a year before, this year together with our team at my office setting up PIMPIN Siswa by our own. It's all started with simple sentence such as "Syahmi, buat meeting penyelarasan", and finally it all started.

Well, I've been doing nothing actually without the help from my other colleagues, my boss, my friends, the juniors that always beside me clipping and folding all the letters. Not forgetting those who always gave me the information right when I need it. Actually I was in the mood to acknowledge every people, then it turns out that I don't anymore. Well, I'm trying my best to jot it down this comin Saturday, which by the way is the only day that I wanna rest my life to the fullest.
Yess, bila menghapdet blog menggunakan laptop sendiri. Segala gambar ada kat PC dan laptop office. Maka gmbr yg tak berapa nak elok ni jek la yang tinggal.. Hahaha...

Well, a lot of things coming to my mind as well as my life. Career issue, relationship, friends, well am I on fire or what. BTW, writing blog while replying comment on facebook is not a good idea, because u'll gonna forget what you intend to write and I'm kinda did. At least u finish your writing first before get into some other discussion on Facebook. Yeah, great, I totally forgot now.

I'll see you again when I'm remember what I'm intend to write. Duuuhhhhh...



Krik Krik

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 § 0

Owh, well. Have been really busy myself lately. Apa benda bahasa inggeris aku nih. Tak yah nak cakap English sangat lah.

Owh, intention aku sebenarnya adalah mahu memupuk kembali mood berblog. Apa entah setan nya aku da lama tak berblog. Okeyh. Hopefully pasnih aku akan kembali bersemangat mahu berblog. Blog aku kan hot, hehehe.

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