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It Start with "Syahmi, buat meeting penyelarasan"

Friday, October 21, 2011 § 0

Yeah, unlike last year, or a year before, this year together with our team at my office setting up PIMPIN Siswa by our own. It's all started with simple sentence such as "Syahmi, buat meeting penyelarasan", and finally it all started.

Well, I've been doing nothing actually without the help from my other colleagues, my boss, my friends, the juniors that always beside me clipping and folding all the letters. Not forgetting those who always gave me the information right when I need it. Actually I was in the mood to acknowledge every people, then it turns out that I don't anymore. Well, I'm trying my best to jot it down this comin Saturday, which by the way is the only day that I wanna rest my life to the fullest.
Yess, bila menghapdet blog menggunakan laptop sendiri. Segala gambar ada kat PC dan laptop office. Maka gmbr yg tak berapa nak elok ni jek la yang tinggal.. Hahaha...

Well, a lot of things coming to my mind as well as my life. Career issue, relationship, friends, well am I on fire or what. BTW, writing blog while replying comment on facebook is not a good idea, because u'll gonna forget what you intend to write and I'm kinda did. At least u finish your writing first before get into some other discussion on Facebook. Yeah, great, I totally forgot now.

I'll see you again when I'm remember what I'm intend to write. Duuuhhhhh...



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