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It's Gonna End Soon

Monday, October 24, 2011 § 0

Lookin back at my old post. None for September. Well it's because of PIMPIN Siswa. Didn't get that much time updating. Even with the facebook, or twitter. Now, slowly my life get back on track.Well, before get straight to the intention, lemme tell this brief story of mine.

Someone had 'read' me, if you know what I mean. And he said something that attract my attention the most. I could do things much better if I can get a good and nice rest after a long, a very long and tiring works thingy. Yeap, I kinda agree with that.

You know, If you've been following me quite sometime, I've been in very busy place. Start off with the planning of PIMPIN Siswa Lanjutan, bringing to the real PIMPIN Siswa, that was intended for the 1st year student, the work had never stop. Then I got a whole week to be spent, to recovered and recharged, but I kinda waste it. To top it off, I blew the best chance for me to enjoy my weekend with some dumb and melancholy feelings. They just don't match.

Every single action could throw me in a very bad bad situation. The next thing I know is, no one is right, nothing is perfect. Then I'll come with too many planning, and KPI to be achieved. Failed to nailed it could throw me again to the holes. Well, gotta stop to write for a while, because the writing couldn't be any more worse than it already is.

Owh, what could I say. Maybe I'm just too fatigue to figure things out. Well, buhbye...

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