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Kereping (Crapping)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 § 1

At first, when I’m deciding to write my blog, it’s just a very simple idea to write up what had happens in my life. Then I realize, it’s lame and I really don’t know how to decorate my blog. Finally it becomes a mess, a webpage that full with colors. I then am deciding to delete it. After went through some post, it makes me realize, how fun it is to read back some old post.

The intention becomes variants as time goes by. Sometime, a stupid thought that my blog gonna be read by some famous scriptwriter and they could make a TV series out of it. Pffftt. Then whenever I’m in love, or having very weird and stupid crush, I’ll write up too. They are many reasons, and I’m not sticking to one.

Well, now aku tak ada particular reasons pun and there definitely no definite one. Simple cakap, aku main tulis ja lah. I’m not that concern about my traffics ka, my viewers ka. To hell with that. But please, do clicks on each ads that pop out. Tambah la sikit pendapatan aku. Ahaks.

Back to business, there are several loyal followers yang sentiasa mahu aku update blog. Yeah, I’m trying my best to keep my blog updated. Dah tu, jangan lupa klik ads okeyh. As mentioned dalam post sebelum nih, ada tiga kaming suuun punya cerita. Owyte. Akan bersambung…
The art of being ugly. Yeah . . .



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